My Life, My Words: Morganne Foster — ‘Finding a good fit’ |

My Life, My Words: Morganne Foster — ‘Finding a good fit’

Morganne Foster works at the Colorado Workforce Center, 480 Barclay St. Foster has been an employment specialist at the center for about two years and focuses on connecting local youths with jobs and work education. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, camping and spending time with friends.

"I'm an employment specialist — Community Worker II is the official title. I've been here for about two years. Basically we help employers by finding them qualified applicants and we help jobseekers by matching them with jobs. I work a lot with youth, as well. I do most of the business services with flash marketing for the region.

"I definitely like working in the field with businesses, and I wanted to work with the state of Colorado. I think I have a good sense of what people are good at and what would be a good fit for them for work. I like this job because it lets me help people efficiently. I think that being younger, too, I have a good take on things and where people fit.

"I help teenagers who are looking for part-time jobs. I also taught work readiness and work ethics classes to youth, stuff like that. I also go up to the high school and educate them on what we can offer them. Being younger, they don't know exactly what there is to offer. They had a career fair up there last month, and we were up there. It had a really good turnout. A lot of them are looking for summer jobs and the city is great for that. There's other places in town, like landscaping, things like that. During the school year a lot of them get placed in retail mostly.

"When I went to (Colorado State University) after high school, I worked at the university for a volunteer community that was there. I've also worked in retail and in the hotel industry, as well. I've also worked with food service, and I think being in several industries definitely helps me with the youth.

"I like to spend time with friends, and now that it's getting nicer outside I can do a lot of outdoor recreational things. I like to go camping a lot. I actually just went up to Browns Park last weekend. It was nice-ish. I like to hike a lot, hiking is actually one of my favorite things to do. I like the Flattops, past Meeker, over by Miller Creek and Sleepy Cat. It's nice, I like it.

"I also like dancing, I really like to draw and paint, and I'm addicted to reality television. It's like a hobby for me. I like all the VH1 reality shows and MTV. And E!. E! is probably my all-time favorite.

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"I just got my degree in business management in February. I finished my last two years through CSU Global, which is online. It was hard because of my full-time student, full-time work situation, and the time was limited. I'm just glad that it's done. It was a hassle, but the way that CSU Global is set up, it made it really easy to have full-time work, also.

"I've had a few kids come in after work and thank me for getting them a job. And that really helps because it makes everything worthwhile. It does become kind of an emotional thing with so many people being out of work, but you just have to be empathetic toward the customers because there's really not a lot out there and we understand that.

"Right now, it's starting to pick up and it'll probably be busy for us through the summer. That seems to be the trend. It has to do with kids getting out of school, but it's also for adults just because the winter shuts down a lot of different jobs. In several industries, it just slows down. The beginning of the week is the most busy, and we probably see about 50 to 100 people a day, at least."

— Interview by Andy Bockelman

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