My Life, My Words: Marla Stephenson — ‘A life in the library’ |

My Life, My Words: Marla Stephenson — ‘A life in the library’

Marla Stephenson stands among books Friday in the Craig branch of the Moffat County Libraries where she is a library cataloger. Stephenson has also worked in the Maybell library and said she loves reading, especially works of historical romance and nonfiction.

"I enjoy reading, I mean I love reading. I love historical romance and nonfiction the most. I started working at the Maybell library in 2002 because I needed a job and lived there in Maybell. For the past two years, I have been working here in the Craig library.

"I love my job; I really enjoy it, especially working with the public. Things are changing, though. They are talking about changing to a new cataloging system called RDA, which will be a new way to catalog books. Yet we will still have the Dewey Decimal System. A lot of other libraries have done away with it, but we still have it.

"I was born and raised in Routt County. I moved to Denver for 20 years to make the big bucks in insurance. In Denver I was a supervisor for an insurance broker for 13 years. The insurance company was a big corporation and had started downsizing. I had in over 15 years so they put me in another job, but then they finally did away with my department. They offered me a job in a different state, but I said no mainly because I wanted to go home. At the time my son was very sick, and well I just wanted to get out of there, and besides making the big money isn't everything it's all cracked up to be.

"I moved back to the country in Maybell for some place to raise my kid without having to watch over him 24 hours a day. My son became the town greeter, and there everybody watched over him. If he got into trouble I would know in a minute.

"Now, most of my family lives close to me. My brother lives across the street, another lives in Routt County, I have a sister in Grand Junction, and my dad currently lives with me. My husband Rick is a truck driver and we love to go on bike rides when the weather is nice. I have a 16-year-old son who currently works at Murdoch's. I have a daughter who is 22 and works in the National Guard; she is currently in Iowa training. Already she has been all over the country, and well, she might just make a career out of it yet."

— Interview by Skyler Leonard

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