My Life, My Words: Craig Rummel — ‘Attaining a global perspective’ |

My Life, My Words: Craig Rummel — ‘Attaining a global perspective’

Craig Rummel displays the skull of a wildebeest, a hunting trophy, at his practice, Rummel Chiropractic Health Center, 333 E. Victory Way. Rummel, a hunting enthusiast and member of the National Rifle Association and Safari Club International, has traveled to Africa three times for safari.
Joshua Gordon


Chiropractor, owner of Rummel Chiropractic Health Center



“My parents started taking us to the chiropractor when we were children because of problems that we’d had and other family members had. I started to get interested in the body and how the body functions and it turned into a lifelong desire to learn about the body and try to help people.

“I went to Palmer Chiropractic College in Davenport, Iowa. It’s the oldest chiropractic college and where it started. It started in 1895 and it started around the same time as the field of osteopathy. Both are people trying to figure better ways to get the body to heal.

“I hope that I’ve helped a lot of people with getting out of pain and having a more active lifestyle, helping them with health and nutrition and leading a better, healthier life. The biggest challenge I think everywhere in the health care field is insurance and rising costs and the increase in the cost of doing business. The economy is causing problems and people have to make choices on where they’re spending their money, and their health is what suffers.

“I do a lot of hunting, fishing, camping, that kind of thing, which is what brought me to the Western Slope in the first place. I grew up on the Front Range in Greeley.

“I’m active with the (National Rifle Association) and the Safari Club (International). We raise money to benefit the local 4-H shooting, (and) the gun club’s pro-gun literature that’s distributed in the schools. It pays for the Eddie the Eagle suit that’s used for the area.

“A safari is basically just traveling or a trip is what it really means. Everyone thinks it’s only for Africa, but (Safari Club) is really a counterpart to the NRA. The NRA is around to protect our right to have guns and Safari Club is trying to protect our right to hunt and also to protect the animals and sustain a usable population of animals in the world. That’s kind of my pet project.

“I’ve been to Africa a few times, hunted over there. I just enjoy hunting wherever. I enjoy traveling, seeing other cultures and how they deal with life in general. South Africa is probably the most economical place to hunt in the world. You’ll have to spend some money to get over there, but actually it’s a lot cheaper than hunting deer and elk around here. I know a lot of guys who will come out here from Wisconsin or Missouri and they’ll spend as much money as I do going to Africa to shoot six or seven animals.

“I mainly hunted plains game there — impala, wildebeest, warthog, stuff like that.

“You can bring the cape and the head back, but you can’t bring the meat. What you do is eat it while you’re there and any meat that you don’t use, they donate it to the tribal areas. People in Africa have a hard time getting protein, and when you distribute the meat, you’re helping the local inhabitants.

“Everybody wins on that. In fact, the countries that allow elephant hunting, their populations are actually growing and the ones that don’t are shrinking. They take the money from trophy fees and send it to hire game wardens to prevent poaching elephants for ivory. The hunting has actually increased the numbers of animals and it keeps them off the endangered species list.

“I also went to China three times to study acupuncture in the late 80s, early 90s. I like to travel with my family. I’ve gone places with and without them, depending on what I’m going for. I’ve taken my son and my wife to Africa, I took my wife to China. I love Africa, but I also really want to go to Europe and Australia. Italy and Germany are the two countries that come to mind.

“I think (traveling around the world) gives you a different perspective on life. It shows what people in other countries go through just to put food on the table, and it makes you appreciate the things we have in this country, the freedoms that we have and the choices we have.

“It really is amazing and it’s humbling at the same time to know that someone who lives in this country and works at McDonald’s lives better than 80 percent of the world’s population. It really should make you appreciative of all you have.”

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