My Life, My Words: Chris Wilkey — Accumulating stories |

My Life, My Words: Chris Wilkey — Accumulating stories

Chris Wilkey, a letter carrier for the U.S. Postal Service, walks his route Friday afternoon in Craig. Wilkey moved to Craig with his wife in 1997, in part to enjoy the multitude of outdoor opportunities.
Brian Smith

“I come from Central Utah. I’ve been here for — good heavens, I came here in 1997— so what’s that, 14 years?

“My wife’s family is from here. There was an opening here and I just transferred. … I’ve got 23 years with the Postal Service

“I started (with the Postal Service) in Price, Utah, worked there for 10 years.

“My dad was a mail handler. I just thought it would be nice. You work days, you don’t have to work holidays, nights and shift work. That’s what I like the best. And it’s steady. I worked construction for quite a few years and I got tired of moving and being gone all the time.

“When I first started, everything was done by hand. Now they’ve got machines that read the mail and that kind of stuff. It’s sped up the process, for the most part. You still have something that gets hung up somewhere for 30 or 40 days, or something. That’s just an overexaggeration, but you don’t have as many man-hours to work now, like you used to. Not by a long shot.

“I think I walk about six or seven miles with this route here. I might be wrong, but I think this (route) has the most walking. I enjoy the walking. I like this because it’s broken up. I walk for a while, then I drive, then I walk, then I drive. I kind of bounce back and forth, so that breaks it up.

“Another thing that brought me here was the outdoors, the hunting. You’ve got all kinds of recreation and I’d like to get out and do more, like everybody else, but you never have the time.

“I’d like to get out and explore Browns Park and Black Mountain a little more. This time of the year, it’s fun, you know? It’s easy to snow machine into a lot of those places.

“I like seeing the country. I mean, you can go for miles and miles and miles and you don’t tear anything up. I just like seeing everything, seeing some place new. We do a lot of horseback riding, we do some four-wheeling. I like being in the outdoors, a lot of fishing, hunting and exploring-type stuff.

“There is a lot (of scenic land) and I think a lot of people take it for granted and never get out and see what there is. Maybe others just don’t want to. I’ve always wanted to spend more time in Browns Park, more than I have. There’s a lot of heritage out there and history. Maybe when I retire.

“I enjoy (life) and live it to the end. When I go to heaven, I’m going to be broken down and worn out and everything, but I’m going to come sliding in and I’ll have some good stories.”

— Interview by Scott Schlaufman

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