My Life, My Words: Alicia Longan |

My Life, My Words: Alicia Longan

Alicia Longan holds up her 2-year-old son
Andy Bockelman

“I do stuff here (at Serendipity Coffee Shop) like help customers and refill coffee and set out the food. I don’t really work here, I’m mostly just a helper. Right now I’m going to school to be a massage therapist. I was supposed to start this fall, but I’ve taken the course before, I just need to get certified. I already have the massage table. I just like helping people feel better.

“I’m from Alaska originally, I graduated from an alternative school where kids go when they’re pregnant. I had my first child when I was 16 and my second when I was 19. I graduated and then I worked as a housekeeper, a desk clerk, stuff like that. I went to school once at the Alaska Learning Institute and didn’t finish, so now I’m going back.

“I moved here in October, right before Halloween. Craig is a lot different. It has snow like Alaska, but not as much, thank God. It’s cold, but not as cold, and it’s drier here, Alaska is very moist. I like that, personally. I was born and raised in Alaska. I’ve visited other places, so I’ve been in the lower 48 before, but I like it here. Alaska’s kind of a hole that sucks you in. There’s not much going on there and there’s not much for work and the summers are really hard because of the light. It’s a nice vacation spot in the summer, but not during the winter. I’ve lived once in Anchorage, but I’m mostly from the peninsula.

“We’re going to be having a big family dinner for Christmas with my girlfriend’s mom and her grandma and grandpa and her sister and her two brothers. She’s got a big family. There’s nothing else we’re really doing, besides having a Christmas tree, opening presents and having dinner.

“I’ve got two sons, Jeramiah and Jacobee. Jacobee’s 4 and he’s going to be 5 next month. He lives with his dad in Alaska. I get him for the summer. Jeramiah’s 2, and I like watching him grow, but he’s kind of a terrorist right now, he gets into everything.

“I don’t really get out that much. The only thing interesting about me is that I dye my hair a lot of different colors. It’s pink now, it was red, but it’s a little faded, I need to dye it, I just haven’t had time. I’ve pretty much had the whole rainbow: red, blue, green, orange, purple. Purple’s my favorite color. I don’t really like yellow. I tried that one time, and it turned out really nasty. And green’s kind of a bad color for me because it turns it into kind of a sewage color. My natural hair color is blonde and I don’t like it very much, so that’s why I like to dye it.

“I like Craig because it’s bigger here, everything is more crowded together. Things are in walking distance, you don’t have to get in your truck and drive 20 minutes to get to the store or go to the movie theater.