Museum of Northwest Colorado: Tough act to follow |

Museum of Northwest Colorado: Tough act to follow

Mary Pat Dunn/For the Saturday Morning Press
In this 1964 Craig Daily Press photo, George Krieger, right, who served Moffat County and Craig in law enforcement for 27 years, holds the watch presented to him by Sheriff Bob Gadd. Krieger served as Moffat County sheriff for 18 years, then went on to work with the Craig Police Department for an additional nine years before his retirement at age 76.
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Term limitations for public officials in Colorado came about in 1994, with the passage of the Colorado Term Limits Amendment. Before that time, public officials were able to serve in the same office indefinitely if so chosen by the voters. While a few of those limitations recently were lifted in Moffat County, the office of sheriff remains limited to two terms as decided by voters in last November’s election.

Before the passage of Amendment 17, one sheriff in Craig was so popular that he served in that office for 18 years. George Krieger homesteaded on Spring Creek in the early 1920s with his wife, Elizabeth. He became skilled as a concrete and plaster contractor and earned a reputation as a hard-working, trustworthy individual.

In 1935, George Krieger was elected sheriff of Moffat County and served in that capacity until 1947. After a two-year break, he was elected sheriff again in 1949 and remained in that position until 1955. The following year, at age 67, Krieger took his law enforcement expertise to the Craig Police Department, where he continued to serve Craig until 1964.

With the backing of the voters behind him, Krieger brought a sense of continuity to the community in law enforcement arena for more than 27 years. Upon his retirement at age 76, the well-respected Krieger was honored at a reception and given an “electric watch.”

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Mary Pat Dunn is the registrar for the Museum of Northwest Colorado.

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