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Mountain Meat Processing

Patrick Kelly
Loren Baysinger, 85, still helps out at with the family processing business he started years ago.

At Mountain Meat Packing, processing is the family specialty.

Four generations of Baysingers have offered game and livestock processing services to the Craig area since 1977.

Because of the connection to the family name, Mountain Meats strives to live up to an expectation of excellence.

“Our name is kind of on the line there,” Jeff Baysinger said.

Jeff’s grandfather, Loren Baysinger, started the business and at 85 he still helps out around the shop.

Mountain Meat Packing, 291 Lincoln Street, can handle any type of Northwest Colorado game, minus poultry, and also processes livestock. Shipping services are available, too.

“We can accommodate whatever their needs are,” Jeff said.

In addition to processing services, Mountain Meat offers specialty sausages and a selection of retail items.

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