Motivational speaker addresses School District staff, community |

Motivational speaker addresses School District staff, community

Bridget Manley

Singer-songwriter Jerry Mills strummed his guitar as he spoke Wednesday night, his fingers seeming to have a mind of their own.

Through a mixture of songs and speech, Mills proceeded to describe what he called “The Puzzle of Ability.”

Teacher turned motivational-speaker, Mills made an appearance Wednesday at the Moffat County High School auditorium before a crowd of about 50, including school district staff, administrators and students.

The event was a modified version of the presentation Mills had given earlier to School District staff. The presentation is designed to speak to challenges teachers, parents and students face daily, according to Mills’ Web site,

Mills began his presentation in song, then went in a more traditional presentation vein. He outlined characteristics, including attitude and belief, which contribute to a student’s success.

Mills gives his presentations throughout the U.S. and abroad, his Web site states, and has spoken at conferences and staff development workshops.

Mills’ message focused more on reaching individual students than on raising test scores.

“His message was not data and hardcore achievement, but : how we really and truly reach all kids and not just some kids,” district superintendent Pete Bergmann said during the Moffat County School Board’s monthly meeting Thursday.

“We’ve gotten some good feedback from staff” about the presentation, Bergmann said.

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