More than 60 Craig youth compete in Little Feet Fun Meet |

More than 60 Craig youth compete in Little Feet Fun Meet

Joshua Gordon

Garrett Spears, a Moffat County High School junior, demonstrates throwing a shot put Monday during the Little Feet Fun Meet track and field day at Moffat County High School. More than 60 first- through sixth-graders participated in jumping, throwing and running events. Todd Trapp, head coach of the MCHS girls track and field team, said the event was a way to introduce youth to the sport.

As Burke Henderson bounced off the high jump mat Monday at Moffat County High School, she ran back toward her friends with a smile on her face.

Burke, a fourth-grader, was one of more than 60 first- through sixth-graders who took part in the Little Feet Fun Meet track and field day put on by the MCHS varsity track and field team.

Burke said after the event, she was glad she signed up.

"Running is good exercise and it gets people off their lazy butts," she said. "Plus, it was fun and pretty awesome."

Todd Trapp, the girls team head coach, said the event was a fundraising opportunity for the track teams, but more importantly was designed to give youth an opportunity to experience something different.

"During the summer, there is T-ball and softball and then when school starts kids play football and basketball," Trapp said. "We wanted to get them outside and give them a chance to take part in our sport so they can have the choice when they get to middle school and high school."

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Trapp, along with fellow coaches Lance Scranton, David Pressgrove, Ken Olinger and members of the boys and girls teams, helped the kids participate in the 100-meter dash, hurdles, shot put, discus, high jump, long jump and a 4-by-100-meter relay.

Alyssa Zimmerman, a fourth-grader, said the hurdles were her favorite event.

"I like to jump, so I liked hurdles the best, but I loved all the events," she said.

Grayden Spears, a third-grader, said his choice for a favorite event was an easy one.

Grayden's older brothers — Gage, Garrett and Gaven Spears — all throw shot put and discus for the varsity track team.

"My brothers all throw discus, so I really wanted to do it," he said. "I am not the running or the jumping type, but I want to do track because my brothers do it."

After all of the track and field events were over, the kids were treated to hot dogs cooked by Pressgrove.

Trapp said the event had "a lot of moving parts," but the payoff was worth it.

"When you have all these first- through sixth-graders in one small area, there will be chaos," he said. "But, everyone was being active and had smiles on their faces and they were laughing. Seeing them leave happy was what it was all about."

Trapp, or "Mr. Mouse Trapp" as the kids called him Monday, said the event would definitely continue in future years.

At least for a few kids, the event served its purpose.

"I really liked this practice run and I can't wait to compete in middle school and high school," Burke said.

Zimmerman agreed.

"I really want to do track when I am able to," she said. "It is a lot of fun and you get to travel and compete against a lot of different people."

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