More than 400 students enroll in CNCC for fall |

More than 400 students enroll in CNCC for fall

Lee Harstad

Fall enrollment at Colorado Northwestern Community College-Craig (CNCC-Craig) remains steady. CNCC-Craig has reported 427 students enrolled in the fall semester.

The 1998 enrollment was 432.

Of the 427 students enrolled this fall, 347 are part-time and 80 are full-time.

The college deems a full-time student as one with 12 credits or more and any credits under 12 is part-time. Most classes are three credits, which matches the number of hours per week a class is held. A three-credit class will have three hours of in-class instruction per week.

According to June Silda, assistant registrar at CNCC-Craig, the majority of students enrolled full-time are preparing for an associate of arts degree.

CNCC-Craig offers dual enrollment for Moffat County High School (MCHS) students that allows a student in high school to take classes at CNCC-Craig. This program is offered to juniors and seniors at MCHS via video satellite. There are 89 students involved in this program and this number is included in the total part-time students. About 15 of the MCHS students in the dual enrollment actually take classes at the CNCC-Craig campus.

According to Silda, two changes should increase future enrollment numbers. One of these occurred July 1 with the addition of CNCC-Craig to the State Board of Community Colleges and Occupational Education System as the 14th college in the state. CNCC-Craig is part of the largest educational system in Colorado.

The other boost to the college is the CISCO program. CISCO is a computer network operating system company and classes in this field are now being offered. This is a four-semester program and students completing the program are almost guaranteed employment, according to CNCC-Craig officials.

The CISCO program is at full capacity this semester with 15 students beginning training.

Silda foresees increasing enrollment numbers in the future.

“Enrollment will increase because of the business and industrial training programs we offer,” Silda said. “We should see enrollment increases throughout.”

Full-time enrollment in the system of colleges for the 1998-99 fiscal year was 37,069. The system has courses for 236,102 part-time students across Colorado.


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