Monday Morning Chat: Five minutes with Nadine Daszkiewicz, co-owner of the Kitchen Shop of Craig with her husband Mike

Five minutes with Nadine Daszkiewicz, co-owner of the Kitchen Shop of Craig with her husband Mike

Mary Austin
Nadine Daszkiewicz, who owns and operates the Kitchen Shop of Craig with her husband Mike, leans on the counter in front of a knife display at her business on Yampa Avenue. Daszkiewicz got her start running a bakery before the business evolved into a kitchen supply store.
Mary Austin

Hometown: “I’ve been here for so long that I consider Craig my hometown. I wasn’t born here.”

How long have you been here: “Since 84”

How did you get started in your business: “Well it was just something I always had an interest in. Everybody in my family has worked in restaurants. I did have a bakery first before I had this and this just sort of evolved from that.”

Favorite thing about life in Northwest Colorado: “The people.”

Least favorite: “The short growing season. That’s my least favorite, considering I’ve been covering up my vegetables every night this week.”

Favorite recipe: “There’s two things people are constantly asking me if I still make. And of course I don’t because I don’t have a bakery. The raspberry cream cheese coffee cake and the carrot cake. Those are the ones that people ask me about all the time and I’m sorry but I don’t bake commercially anymore. But I’ll be happy to give them the recipe if they come in.”

Culinary idol: “Julia Child taught me how to cook. When (my husband Mike and I) first got married, she was on PBS and I watched her, every single episode. I made some huge messes in the kitchen and I had some real disasters, but we lived.”

Do you have a favorite recipe of hers: “No but I did make coq au vin and I have no idea what red wine I used, but the chicken was purple. (Laughs) It tasted really good.

I had every dish in the kitchen dirty. But I knew nothing about wine. I have no idea to this day what wine I bought. It was purple, it wasn’t supposed to be purple.”

Most off the wall kitchen gadget you sell: “An apple corer, but people buy this to make potato bombs. Which came from one of my customers, I think she saw it on TV.

You have to core a cylinder out of a potato and you can’t use a regular apple corer because it’s not strong enough, but this one is.

You have a nice baking potato and you core a cylinder out all the way through from one end to the other. You save what you’ve pulled out.

Then you stuff the inside with whatever you want: cheese butter chives sour cream whatever.

Then you cut off the ends and put them back in to seal it up. Then you wrap it in bacon, then wrap it in foil and bake it.”

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