Monday Morning Chat: Five minutes with Karrie Booth, owner/manager of Hollistic Health & Fitness |

Monday Morning Chat: Five minutes with Karrie Booth, owner/manager of Hollistic Health & Fitness

Mary Austin
Karrie Booth, owner and manager of Holistic Health and Fitness in Craig, sits with her dog Rampage. Booth says the best advice for those trying to start their weight loss or fitness journey is to set a goal and believe.
Mary Austin


“I don’t really have one. I kind of grew up all over the place. I lived on the east coast until I was 12. I lived down south until I was 18. Then I’ve been in Colorado since I graduated from high school. College brought me out to Colorado. I went to CSU.”

What brought you to Craig:

“I wanted to be in Steamboat, couldn’t afford it. Ended up in Hayden. When I got divorced, I ended up in Craig. Long story short.’

How long have you lived in Craig:

“10 years”

Job title:

“I don’t know how to answer that, I do everything here. The chicken with her head cut off. (laughs) Well I’m majority owner, manager, I’m also a personal trainer, I do exercise classes, and a massage therapist, wellness coach. I guess owner/manager would be it.”

How did you get started in your job:

“This was my brainchild. I’ve always been in to fitness and nutrition and all that stuff. When I became a massage therapist my clients would ask me, ‘How can I feel better?’ And to me exercise is a huge component of a healthy lifestyle. But when I have clients that hurt all the time and they don’t work out. So it was kind of a concept of a place where you could get body work therapy type stuff. The concept that this originated from was much bigger than what we ended up with. Because we’re in Craig we didn’t have the resources to put in the physical therapy aspect and the chiropractic aspect. It kind of evolved. I still would like to have that bigger picture. It is what it is.”

Motto or outlook on life:

“I have a lot of them. If I could boil it down to one word it would be believe because whether it be something that you can do personally, losing weight or whatever, but on a bigger scale this place I believed it could happen and it did. So in anything you do believe.”

Favorite thing about live in Northwest Colorado:

“You know I’d say the only thing that keeps me here other than my family and my situation would be the people. You know the weather is great except for when it’s wintertime.”

Least favorite:

“Winter. I love winter. I don’t mind short winters, but the really cold, frigid cold winter. I want to be on the beach. My ideal vision is doing massage on the beach.”

Favorite restaurant:

“I’ll tell you, recently the butterscotch cake at the Double Barrel Steakhouse. This is coming from a fitness and health person that doesn’t normally eat those and I did. I had like a cheat meal. Everybody go out and eat it because it keeps me in business (laughs). But it was incredible.”

Favorite movie you’ve seen recently:

“Magic Mike”

Pet peeve:

“The word ‘I can’t'”

Words advice to someone trying to get started with fitness or weight loss:

“Ask for help but don’t believe everything you are told. There’s a lot of misinformation out there. Just again it goes back to my word believe and don’t say I can’t. Believe it can happen. You can make anything happen, any transformation can happen if you have a goal. Set a goal and believe it cane happen.”


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