Monday Morning Chat: Five minutes with Heather Lorio, owner of Elbe Gray’s Thrift Store in Craig

Mary Austin
Heather Lorio, owner of Elbe Gray's Thrift Shop in Craig, sits behind the open back door to the store. Lorio says she hopes to operate her thrift store as a nonprofit soon and currently donates unsold books, winter coats and other merchandise to senior centers, jails and other assistance-based organizations in the area.
Mary Austin

Name: Heather Lorio

How long have you lived in Craig: About five years

Where did you live previously: Fort Collins

How did you get started running the thrift store?

“I’ve been a thrift store junkie all my life. I love to treasure hunt. I love that I can clothe my kids at an inexpensive rate, especially since they grow through clothes so fast. Dorothy Wyman, the lady who owned the shop beforehand, was retiring and she was trying to convince me to buy the shop and I was like ‘No, I shop thrift stores but I don’t run them.’ About three months after she closed down, the building was still empty. A couple of my friends kept saying ‘You’d really love doing this.’ So I came in and said OK, and if everything falls the way it’s supposed to then this is what I’m meant to do.”

Motto or outlook on life:

“Just basically do the right thing”

Favorite thing about life in Northwest Colorado:

“The people. The smaller-town, friendly people atmosphere.”

Least favorite aspect:

“The deer”

Favorite meal at a local restaurant:

“Fiesta Jalisco’s shredded beef burrito. Cannot get enough of that.”

Improvement to Craig you’d like to see:

“Everyone’s been yelling and craving for a doughnut shop. I don’t know why. An ice cream shop. More activities for the kids. The younger kids and preteens. Maybe a roller skating rink. Something that would involve more activities.”

Song or artist you enjoy:

“The music around in the store just varies a lot, but you’ll hear a lot of Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. Dean Martin is my absolute favorite. It goes everything from Lady Gaga to all other kinds of music.”

Favorite movie:

“Princess Bride”

Pet peeve:

Rude people

Most embarrassing moment:

“I’m not one that gets embarrassed easily.”

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