Monday Morning Chat: Five minutes with Christine Muzik, owner of Spirit Pass in Centennial Mall |

Monday Morning Chat: Five minutes with Christine Muzik, owner of Spirit Pass in Centennial Mall

Mary Austin

Christine Muzik, owner of Spirit Pass in Centennial Mall, stands in front of some of the photographs and other works of art for sale in her store. Muzik's business began 10 years ago this month with a small rented space in which she sold some of her handmade crafts.


"Fairbanks, Alaska."

What brought you to the Craig area:

"Rent was cheaper here than in steamboat. I moved to Colorado in '93. My grandmother was in Denver and someone said Steamboat was nice. So I went there and all of a sudden the rent was really high and I saw an ad for Craig."

How did you get started with this business:

"Ten years ago, exactly this month, I rented a little space to get rid of my crafts and I found that there was a need for something inexpensive in Craig, nice quality stuff that's inexpensive. And then I found that there were some Native Americans that needed some money so it kind of worked out really well. But I wanted to bring stuff, something for everyone, because I believe regardless of how little or how much you make, you have a right to something nice at a decent price."

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Motto or phrase you live your life by:

"I guess I'd say respect."

Favorite thing about Northwest Colorado:

"I like the people. I really do, they're very friendly and nice. Everybody gets together to help other people out and it's really cool. During even slow times there's people that come in here going, 'I really can't spend anything but I'll just get something to keep it going.'"

Least favorite thing:

"Right now, the lack of moisture."

Favorite local restaurant:


Improvement to Craig you'd like to see:

"I would like to see more options in clothing. Honestly, I would like to see a woman's clothing store for someone that is over 30 and maybe a little bigger. We don't have a woman's clothing store."

Favorite genre of music:

"I actually like pretty much everything, I really do. Whatever my mood feels."

Favorite Christmas movie:

"A Miracle on 34th Street next to the movie Scrooged."

Pet peeve:


Favorite color:

"Red. In the native culture it means protection."