Monday Morning Chat: 5 minutes with Erin Durham, manager at Cool Water Grille |

Monday Morning Chat: 5 minutes with Erin Durham, manager at Cool Water Grille

Mary Austin
Erin Durham, right, with her father Dennis, manages Cool Water Grille and has been a part of the family-owned restaurant since their opening in September of 2011.
Mary Austin

Hometown: “Craig, born and raised.”

Job title: “I’m the manager. My mom and dad are the owners.”

How long have you been working here: “Since day one. Since September 22, 2011.”

What is your favorite thing about working with your family: “Probably when my dad starts singing in the kitchen. Just because it’s a side of him that I never really got to see before. The other part is just being able to have time with them. Life in general gets in the way of that sometimes. Your every day kind of living, you don’t get to see mom and dad much, but I get to see mom and dad every day.”

Favorite thing about living in Northwest Colorado: “Just the people in general. The way that people act around here. They’re friendly and they forgive you and they’re very nice and warm.”

Least favorite thing: “Shoveling the snow.”

Improvement to Craig that you would like to see: “Maybe something for the children. I mean, not the younger children, but for the older ones that are having nothing to do and thinking of things to do to go out and get in trouble and stuff. I really do think that would be a good thing for teenagers.”

Favorite movie: “Dirty Dancing. That makes me old right?”

Pet peeve: “When people are smokers and throw their cigarettes on the ground or just don’t clean them up in general. That is one of my biggest pet peeves.

Something about you that most people don’t know: “Probably the number one thing is that I know how to manage a place and I didn’t even know that I knew how to manage one until we opened this place. Even though I’m not organized, I seem to put it all together in my own little way and we seem to be doing great.”

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