Moffett: Thanks for the help |

Moffett: Thanks for the help

Thanks for the help

To the Editor:

On Easter Sunday, we were driving from Jackson Hole to Crested Butte. About five miles south of Craig, we stopped to admire the scenery and change drivers. As we looked across the landscape, we heard a “toot” from our rental car. The car had locked itself! The keys, our coats, and our cell phone were all locked in the car. Now what were we going to do?

Neither of us had hitched a ride for probably 40 years and we didn’t like the idea at all, but there was no other choice. A couple in their 60s with their thumbs out must have looked a bit strange, but we were very fortunate when the very first vehicle stopped. A very kind man with his little dog gave us a ride to the mini-mart in Craig. We were delighted in spite of the fact that one of us (Read) had very cold ride in the back of the pickup because there was not enough room for three people, the dog and the man’s gear inside the cab.

In the mini-mart, a very helpful man and his son were about to give us a ride to the police station when we heard a voice say, “Is there someone here who has been locked out of their car?” We turned around and there was Deputy Alec Brown. To us, he was an angel who had come to our rescue. The man who gave us the ride into Craig had spotted Brown after dropping us off and told him our story.

Brown drove us back to our car. On the way, he told us that he was the only one on duty in the whole 50,000 square miles of Moffat County. We were very lucky. We also were amazed because our name is Moffett; well a different spelling, but close enough. Not only were we being rescued by an angel, but a Moffat County angel!

Brown radioed in and found that Deputy Skip Duncan was in the office catching up on paperwork, and could come out and try to open our car. He arrived quickly and very soon he had it open. What a relief!

We want to thank Deputy Alec Brown and Deputy Skip Duncan for their kindness and professionalism and for the speed that they got us out of our predicament. We were still able to get to Crested Butte and have a (very late) Easter dinner with our son and his wife.

We also want to thank the unknown man who picked us up and took us into Craig and the man and his son that we met in the mini mart, who were willing to take us where ever we needed to go. It really makes you feel good that everyone we came in contact during our misadventure did their best to help us.

Read and Jane Moffett

Chatham, Mass.

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