Moffat picks McCain, nation picks Obama |

Moffat picks McCain, nation picks Obama

Local voters pick Republicans in all races

Collin Smith
Tom Gray, Republican incumbent and candidate for Moffat County Commission District 1 seat, reacts after looking at results from Craig on Tuesday at the Moffat County Courthouse. Preliminary numbers from Craig, early and mail-in voting, showed Gray beating Democratic rival Lois Wymore.
Hans Hallgren

GOP-heavy Moffat County bucked the national and statewide outcome of Tuesday’s presidential election, supporting the Republican candidate for president by more than 70 percent.

The John McCain/Sarah Palin Republican ticket earned more than double the votes of Democrats and eventual winners Barack Obama/Joe Biden in Moffat County.

McCain/Palin added 4,101 votes, or 70.48 percent, while the Obama/Biden ticket received 1,566 votes, or 26.91 percent.

Supporting the GOP has consistently been a theme for voters in Moffat County, where registered Republicans outnumber registered Democrats by about 4-to-1.

Wholesale support for Republican candidates was again the story Tuesday – Moffat County favored Republican candidates, many times by wide margins, in every race.

The trend came as no surprise to Ron Danner, chairman of the Moffat County Republican Central Committee.

“It doesn’t surprise me at all,” Danner said. “This is a fairly staunch Republican area and it always has been. : Typically, Republicans win races in Moffat County.”

Danner said he was disappointed with the outcome at the top of this year’s ticket, but pleased overall that the county supported many of the party’s candidates.

“Disappointed, yes, in terms of values I hold as a Republican won’t be (represented) on the presidential level,” the county’s party chairman said. However, he said, “from an organizational standpoint, I don’t know what else we could have done.”

Ted Crook, Moffat County Democrats chairman, was optimistic that Obama and Biden will prove successful American leaders.

“I think there’s a good chance we have the right president,” he said. “I hope he’s allowed to do the right thing.”

Crook said his No. 1 issue in this year’s presidency was the national economy, and that Obama picked the right advisers in Joe Stiglitz and Saul Krugman.

Krugman, a Nobel Prize-winning economist, also writes a column for The New York Times.

Both of them feel we can weather the storm financially, but that conservative principles – primarily free market lack of regulations – will sink us,” Crook said.

He added he was not disappointed by local support for Democratic candidates.

“We, of course, always hope for a stronger showing, but the truth is we haven’t really been present, as a party, for some time,” Crook said. “That is changing. There is more to come.”


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