Moffat County’s Hayden Urroz hits elite weightlifting distinction with Trapper’s 1K Club |

Moffat County’s Hayden Urroz hits elite weightlifting distinction with Trapper’s 1K Club

Hayden Urroz is joined by boxing coach Tane Pierce as the newest member of the 1K Club Wednesday, March 15, at Trapper Fitness.
Andy Bockelman/Craig Press

There are few locals who attempt it, but the Trapper Fitness 1K Club got its newest and youngest member this week.

Moffat County freshman Hayden Urroz saw his name go up on the 1K Club board Wednesday afternoon, March 15, as one of only a handful of people to take on 1,000 pounds of weight across three stations — bench-press, squats and deadlift.

In order to make the list, a lifter must do all three within one hour. Urroz had time to spare, starting with 365 pounds at the squat station, followed by 265 pounds on the bench. The middle portion was the hardest, he noted.

“Bench is definitely the toughest,” he said. “My legs are a lot more muscular.”

Urroz decided to start with 400 pounds in the deadlift, but he kept going with heavier weights even after he had reached the mark.

Hayden Urroz is spotted by his friends as he attempts a deadlift Wednesday, March 15, at Trapper Fitness.
Andy Bockelman/Craig Press

“When I’m on a roll, I can lift heavier,” he said.

Ultimately, 425 pounds is what went next to the 15-year-old’s name on the 1K Club board. Trapper’s Tane Pierce was on-site to verify the achievement.

“For his age, these lifts are really impressive. You don’t really see a deadlift like that every day,” said Pierce, who has been Urroz’s boxing coach for the last couple of years. “He’s been in here every single day and lifting and working hard at it. He’s always pushed himself a lot, and I’ve seen a lot of growth throughout the years I’ve known him.”

Urroz said Pierce has been like an older brother in helping him build strength and a better body.

Urroz’s grandparents, Kathy and Mark Lowrey, also were there to cheer him on, while his friends Mason Peters and Chris Ritter aided him in the prep work for pumping iron.

“I feel like it helped, motivation-wise, especially with these two,” Urroz said, motioning to his buddies. “They’ve always been my closest friends, and they always help me out and support me.”

Urroz, who’s also a longtime hockey player, said he started hitting the weights about two years ago before a hiatus that lasted until the beginning of this school year.

Hayden Urroz lets out a scream of triumph after a successful deadlift to make the 1K Club Wednesday, March 15, at Trapper Fitness.
Andy Bockelman/Craig Press

“Seeing other people lift heavier than me in my grade, I got tired of it,” he said. “So, I got dedicated to being the strongest.”

Working out in an environment like Trapper also helped inspire him.

“A lot of respect here is gained from other people,” Urroz said.

As he continues in the pursuit — with a goal of bumping his 1K Club total of 1,035 to 1,100 pounds by his senior year — Urroz said he is more inclined to work on power-lifting than bodybuilding.

“Bodybuilding seems like too much cutting and things like that,” he said.

Urroz said his self-image has grown while he’s been lifting, and seeing his name on the board only increased that as he hit his milestone.

“It’s really only been a thought of mine before now,” he said. “I feel good about myself, and I can’t believe I’m there.”

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