Moffat County’s 4-H shotgun teams locked and loaded for state |

Moffat County’s 4-H shotgun teams locked and loaded for state

The young marksmen of Moffat County are proving themselves to be big shots.

Saturday's shotgun completion shoot at Craig Trap Club saw some skilled trigger work as members of Moffat County 4-H readied to go to the next stage of competition, selecting the top shooters for the state level.

Bryce Tuttle led the way in the day's activities, losing only six points out of a possible 75, knocking out clay pigeons galore at the club's trap and skeet shooting formats.

Dylan Villa followed in second, gaining the edge over third-place Carlin King after a tiebreaker. Kearn Gerber and Brayden Tuttle rounded out the top five senior shooters of the day.

State shotgun teams, which will compete Labor Day weekend in Colorado Springs, allow five shooters with one alternate. Colton Hinkemeyer, originally the alternate in sixth-place, will replace Villa, who can't attend, while Toryn Hume will take up the alternate role for the seniors.

"They've all been improving all the through the season," said coach Wade Gerber following the awards ceremony.

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Among the juniors, Trevor Hume placed first, followed by Kameron Baker, Laadan Rothermund, Toryn Gray and Donovan Converse, some of whom will also be shooting at state for rifle events.

Gray said he was pleased with his performance, his first year specializing in shotgun, though the 11-year-old's been interested in shooting since he was 5. Between the multiple positions of the skeet portion and the stationary trap ones, he finds the former style tougher.

"It kinda seems like the birds fly faster than the trap," he said.

Though Gray previously shot in 4-H rifle, he finds the shotgun to be a little more exciting, watching pigeons burst in midair during a successful shot.

"There's more of an effect to it than just putting a hole in a piece of paper," he grinned.

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4-H shotgun state qualifiers

— Based on a completion shoot event Saturday, the following shooters qualified to represent Moffat County at the Colorado State Fair, open to teams of five with one alternate.

Senior shotgun

  1. Bryce Tuttle

  2. Dylan Villa

  3. Carlin King

  4. Kearn Gerber

  5. Brayden Tuttle

  6. Colton Hinkemeyer

  7. Toryn Hume

— Villa will be unable to attend the state event.

Junior shotgun

  1. Trevor Hume

  2. Kameron Baker

  3. Laadan Rothermund

  4. Toryn Gray

  5. Donovan Converse