Moffat County’s 100th Fair: Royal treatment in store for fair |

Moffat County’s 100th Fair: Royal treatment in store for fair

2018 Moffat County Senior Fair Queen Matalinn Fredrickson with four of her five younger siblings.
Sasha Nelson/staff

Many years ago, a group of Moffat County Fair Queens impressed Matalinn “Mati” Fredrickson’s when they walked into her fifth-grade class.

“It made me want to be like them. They could instantly capture a room just by walking in and they wanted to help do stuff for the school,” she said.

After that Mati doesn’t recall hearing much about the program until early in 2018.

“My mom and her friend heard they were bringing the fair queens back and they thought I should try out for it,” she said.

After an application and interview process Mati, 16, was selected as the 2018 Moffat County Senior Fair Queen.

“I’m excited to be your Senior Fair Queen because I enjoy helping out my community and this is a good way to do that,” Mati said.

Senior Fair Queen Matalinn “Mati” Fredrickson

The Moffat County Fair Board brought a royalty program back to give young women in the community the opportunity to develop leadership skills and give back, said program advisor Shelley Pankey.

The program is no longer affiliated with 4-H and instead is affiliated with another fair and royalty program coordinated by advisors Pankey, Natasha Nielson and Jessie Scott.

“I am amazed that these women have brought this back. It is so important for these girls and our community to have that sense of leadership from youth. It builds pride,” said Mati’s mother Rachel Fredrickson.

Mati and her court of five young ladies have already represented the county youth at a jackpot livestock show and a retreat held in Routt County.

“Mati is absolutely marvelous. I see exhibiting such leadership and kindness,” Pankey said.

She’s looking forward to participating in parades and the 100-year-old Moffat County Fair where she will also show her big black Angus steer Meryl.

“He’s ornery. He likes to think its fun to chase me. He’s a little crazy,” she said.

Following in the footsteps of a long tradition of fair queens is a little “weird” said Mati adding, “it makes me want to leave a legacy like her.”


Introducing the 2018 Moffat County Fair Royalty

Fair Queen Mati is aided in her reign by a court of five ladies who shared a little more about themselves.


Mati Fredrickson


Senior Queen Attendant Sydnie Harding


Senior Queen Attendant — Sydnie Harding, 15

“I am so happy to be your Senior Queen Attendant this year. I like to spend time with my sheep and dog and when I’m not with my animals, I am with my friends. I also enjoy spending time with my family,” Sydnie said.







Intermediate Queen — Aftyn Kawcak, 13

Intermediate Queen Aftyn Kawcak

“I play volleyball and basketball. I am in the Elkhead Wranglers 4-H club. This is my sixth year showing market swine and first year showing market beef. Good luck to all at the 100-year fair; I can’t wait to see you all there,” Aftyn said.








Intermediate Attendant — Kassaundra “Kassy” Haefs, 14

Intermediate Attendant Kassaundra “Kassy” Haefs


“I enjoy riding horses, playing soccer, being outdoors, hanging out with friends, helping others and doing community projects. I am excited to be a part of Moffat County Fair Royalty because it is a great opportunity to help the Moffat County community and 4-H community. It will allow me to learn new ways to work with different groups of people. Lastly, I am excited because I get to be part of the 100-Year Moffat County Fair and Rodeo,” Kassy said.






Junior Queen — Jolene Rhyne, 11

Junior Queen Jolene Rhyne

“I love to rodeo and show livestock. Reading, horse riding, playing basketball, dancing, hunting, fishing and drawing are all some of my hobbies. This is my fourth year participating in 4-H and fair. My 4-H projects include market goats, market pigs, horse, leather craft and canning,” Jolene said. “I also rodeo and am a member of the National Little Britches Rodeo Association. I compete in barrels, poles, goats, breakaway, trail, and dally ribbon roping. I am excited to be your 2018 Moffat County Fair Junior Queen because it is a good way to get involved with my community and promote the fair at the same time.






Junior Queen Attendant — Arianna Anderson, 12

Junior Queen Attendant Arianna Anderson

“I participate in horseback riding and shooting sports for 4-H and I also enjoy bowling. I am a founder of a club called A&J Help that raises money for different non-profits. This year, we are raising money for ‘Horizons Little Points of Light.’ I am excited about being part of the Moffat County Fair Royalty because I want to represent my community. I love this town and want to be a good example to other girls,” Arianna said.









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