Moffat County Tourism Association to relocate, again |

Moffat County Tourism Association to relocate, again

Sasha Nelson
Moffat County Tourism Association has decided to look for a new rental location. Relocating from the Centennial Mall they have been renting since December
Sasha Nelson

— Moffat County Tourism Association is looking for a new space to rent for a second time in less than six months and will move soon after the sale of their current location at 11 E. Victory Way.

The association relocated to the rented property on the corner of Yampa Avenue and Victory Way in January from space in Centennial Mall.

The building was sold in February to 2474 Patterson Road LLC, a company owned by Tor Hayward who is also president of Major Mortgage.

Misunderstandings arose about the terms of a new lease prompting MCTA Executive Director Tom Kleinschnitz to look for another location.

“I never thought this would happen. I didn’t have any idea that someone could come in and tell us we had to sign their lease. The lease as presented would not cut mustard for a governmental agency,” Kleinschnitz said.

The new owner of the building, Tor Hayward, had to provide MCTA with a new lease.

“From a legal, insurance perspective, I have to provide a lease with me as the landlord as their lease was with the previous landlord,” Hayward said.

Hayward uses a standardized lease that he was willing to adapt to conform to any legal requirements the county might have needed said Moffat County Commissioner Frank Moe.

“The tourism board is more than welcome to stay in the space for the same terms until the end of the lease. They are not being forced to vacate,” Hayward said.

Part of the building is leased by Hayward’s LLC to Major Mortgage and Hayward was concerned that MCTA was occupying the entire lobby and storage areas — more space than agreed upon in the original lease.

“Tom with MCTA and Tor Hayward have been nothing but congenial, professional trying to work together knowing that the community comes first,” Moe said.

However, on Thursday six of seven tourism board members passed a resolution to move. Board member Tammy Thompson-Booker was not in attendance.

The other board members expressed concerns about the ability to share limited space with another customer driven business.

“I think it will be a struggle for a banking business, the nature of the business itself, the confidential nature, and with people coming and going, they would have to be very cautious,” said MCTA Board Member Shannon Moore.

Due to the layout of the office space, when someone goes through the front door all staff must step out of their offices to determine where to direct the customer.

“It’s a strange reception (area),” Kleinschnitz said.

Kleinschnitz will now need to find new space for the remainder of the year for the budgeted amount of $6,600 for rent. MCTA’s budgeted no more than $8,800 in rent, including utilities.

The move will also result in some extra costs such as printing of “business cards, advertising, vendor changes… we spent $910 on brochures that will have the incorrect address,” Kleinschnitz said.

MCTA has been given 90 days, more if needed, by Hayward to complete the move.

Locations being considered include space inside Jackson’s Office Supply and Radio Shack that would allow the association to continue to provide visitor information services for $985 per month or $788 per month if the lease were paid in full, in advance, Kleinschnitz said.

Another option — office space on the upper story of the Bank of Colorado for $250 a month — would save on rent, but may not pass Americans with Disabilities Act accessibility requirements, Kleinschnitz said.

Kleinschnitz will consider other options, however with festival season approaching, the board wants the relocation to happen soon.

“Our priority is to reach outside of our area,” Kleinschnitz said. “I can do that from the alley if I needed to.”

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