Moffat County to have tighter budget in 2014 |

Moffat County to have tighter budget in 2014

Erin Fenner

The Moffat County budget will be a bit tighter in 2014 than it was in 2013.

“Basically, we’re just going down 4.11 percent. It is a $3.4 million decrease from last year,” Moffat County Finance Director Mindy Curtis said.

Most of that money is being cut from capital projects.

The county is “cutting back on capital projects because there is less revenue to work with this year,” she said.

Moffat County will be pulling from its reserve to keep the budget balanced, but this is standard, Curtis said, and the reserve still is at a good level.

“We always apply some of our reserves; that’s standard budgeting practice” for the county, she said.

This tightening is happening while the city of Craig is taking a serious look at its own budget. In 2013, Craig faced a deficit of $2.9 million and had to face yet another large deficit of $2.2 million. The Craig City Council decided to make adjustments to the employee insurance plan to save $300,000.

The county won’t have to examine its personnel budget at this point.

“It doesn’t affect our day-to-day,” Moffat County Commissioner Tom Mathers said. “It just kept us from doing some of the things we’d like to have done.”

Curtis agreed and was confident that Moffat County was in an OK place.

“I feel like we’re able to provide our services. It’s not affecting our service levels,” she said.

The reserve still is at 30 percent of operating costs, which is strong for a reserve, she said.

Moffat County commissioners approved the 2014 budget at the Tuesday meeting.

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