Moffat County teacher assistant Carol Morton wholeheartedly devoted to students |

Moffat County teacher assistant Carol Morton wholeheartedly devoted to students

Maybell Elementary School teaching assistant Carol Morton with students Connor Hinkle and Breeleigh McIntyre.
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Student Spotlight

Maybell Elementary School Teacher Kristin Allen nominated students Breeleigh McIntyre and Conner Hinkle to be honored alongside Teaching Assistant Carol Morton.

Breeleigh is in first-grade, and Conner is in fourth."Bree has grown by leaps and bounds, academically. I am so proud of the strong reader and mathematician she has grown into over the last year-and-a-half. She is a talented artist, always highly engaged and hard-working during art class, creating beautiful pieces," Allen said."Conner is new to Maybell Elementary this year, and we are so delighted to have him. He is kind and helpful with all members of our class but is especially encouraging and patient with our youngest friends. He is a wonderful role model to the younger children, supporting them in their work and play. What a positive addition to our classroom community!"What is your favorite subject and why?Breeleigh: I like art, because it's fun to make cool things, and I am good at art. I liked drawing a bird and making a tree.Conner: My favorite subject is math, because I am good at it. When Mrs. Allen teaches us a new thing, I understand it really well. I also think it is fun to do multiplication and division. The 9s trick for multiplication facts is a good strategy.  I also like doing hard multiplication problems with the partial products strategy.What do you like the most about your school?Breeleigh: Sometimes, I see my grandma and grandpa moving cows by my school. We also have a cool new playground with a rock wall.Conner: I like being able to spend time with my friends playing on the Super Nova on our new playground.If you could change something about school, what would you change?Breeleigh: I would do art more instead of PE.Conner: I don't really want to change school, because I like it the way it is.Describe the interests and activities you enjoy outside of school. Breeleigh: I like to play outside with my friends and my sisters, Alana and Adeline.Conner: I spend time with my little brother helping him learn new things. I also like to play video games with my mom and wrestle with my dad.

CRAIG — As a child, learning wasn’t easy for Carol Morton, which may explain why she brings such a big heart to her work as a teacher assistant for students in kindergarten through sixth grade at Maybell Elementary School.

“If you can do what you love to do, it’s not work. It’s satisfying, because your whole heart is devoted to whatever needs to be done,” Morton said.

A new addition to the team at Maybell, Morton brings 20 years experience to the job.

Craig Press: What were you like as a student?

Carol Morton: As a student, I had learning disabilities but never was actually tested for them. This never stopped me, because I was determined to do my best. I do recall a teacher, Mr. Ek, telling me how smart I was, especially in math. He inspired me.

Have you taught in other places besides Moffat County?

Yes. I have been a SPED (Special Education) paraprofessional at Clark County School District in Las Vegas, Nevada, and Nome Public School in Nome, Alaska.

Why did you choose Moffat County?

I love working with children, and I wanted to make a difference in the schools where I live.

How have your education, training, and work experiences qualified you for your role?

My life and work experiences have made me who I am and have helped me identify the gifts, talents, and abilities the lord has given me.

What do you do if your students don’t “get it”?

Because I have been in that position, I am very sensitive to their needs. I tell them how I had problems learning, too, and here I am today, teaching them.

If a visitor came to your classroom and took a photo what would they see in that photo?

They would see an adult sitting with young children around her. She is listening to what they are saying and watching what they are doing. They would see acceptance, freedom to be who you are, and joy.

How do you measure your success as an educator?

I measure my success by watching the students I work with learn how to do something they did not think they would ever be able to do.

How are you involved in the community outside school?

I am involved with children’s ministries at my church, and I volunteer at the Yampa Valley Pregnancy and Family Center.

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