Moffat County seeking community members to fill board vacancies |

Moffat County seeking community members to fill board vacancies

Interested parties must submit letters to county by Dec. 30

Craig Daily Press Staff Report

Like a game of Musical Chairs, there are multiple seats to fill for organizations throughout Moffat County, and the clock is ticking.

Moffat County Commissioners are seeking letters of interest from community members interested in becoming part of multiple boards through the county for 2017 and beyond.

The following entities have openings:

• Airport Advisory Board — Two seats, three-year term; county resident

• Area Council on Aging — One seat, four-year term

• Cemetery Board — One seat, complete a three-year term through 2018

• Housing Authority Board — Two seats, five-year term

• Land Use Board — One seat, three-year term; government agency

Five alternate seats, three-year term; agriculture, business, environment, government and minerals/mining

• Library Board of Trustees — One seat, five-year term; city resident

• Maybell Volunteer Fire Department Advisory Board — Two seats, three-year term; Maybell resident

• Maybell Park Board — Two seats, three-year term; Maybell resident

• The Memorial Hospital Board of Trustees — One city resident seat, five-year term

One county resident seat, five-year term

One county resident seat, complete a five-year term through January 2019

• Moffat County Tourism Association — Four seats and one alternate seat, three-year term; must be employed in tourism-related industry

• Museum of Northwestern Colorado Board — One alternate seat, complete a three-year term through 2017

• Planning and Zoning Commission — Three seats, two alternate seats, three-year term

Some boards have no specifications for who can serve, while others are more of a niche, such as Moffat County Tourism Association, which requires that board members already be involved in a business or other facet of the community related to the tourism industry.

Likewise, boards pertaining to Maybell should be filled by Maybell residents.

Certain board seats only need to be filled for part of a term, such as the seat on TMH’s board, which will be vacated by Moffat County Commissioner-elect Don Cook.

All who apply for board vacancies should be willing to commit to any meetings or other requirements of the position.

Shirley Seely is the chair for the board of library trustees. Now in her second term, she has been on the board about six years.

“They asked me to be on the board and I did like the idea of giving back a little bit and being active in the community,” she said. “I’ve enjoyed the library board, it is a super group and we hope that we have done a good job. We have a really good library director and staff so that’s a lot of it too, but the board enjoys working with them.”

Seely added that her love of reading also contributes to being involved with the library board.

Fellow community member Jennifer Riley has served on too many boards to count in the past 15 years.

“I would encourage anyone looking to get involved in the community to consider serving on a local board,” Riley said. “Most of the boards are advisory boards, and input from the community served is valuable.”

Seely agreed that the best people to have in the process are those who enjoy being involved.

“It is a good way to be involved and feel like you’re helping and keeping things up to date,” she said.

Letters from interested community members will be accepted through the final business day of 2016, which is this Friday. Those who submit letters should include personal contact information.

Letters can be sent via fax to 970-824-9191 or through email to

Letters can also be mailed to the following address:

Moffat County Commissioners

Attn: Erin Miller

221 W Victory Way, Suite 130

Craig, CO 81625

For more information on any of the boards and requirements to join, call 970-824-5517.

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