Moffat County schools begin today |

Moffat County schools begin today

Hannah Boulger practices using her locker combination Friday afternoon at Craig Middle School. This is the first year Boulger and other sixth-graders will have a locker as they begin classes at CMS.
Andy Bockelman

Today’s the day.

Summer vacation is officially over as teachers and students get back into the classrooms to start their learning experience anew.

The past week has been a busy one for the Craig community as parents prepare their children for the 2013-14 school year and educators do the same for their facilities.

Eighth-grade teachers Ann Charchalis and Alicia Townsend were among the staff of Craig Middle School busily getting their spaces ready Friday afternoon.

Charchalis said she looks forward to teaching math to a whole new group of students.

“You don’t really get excited about it until you see the rosters, and I really want to get to know these kids,” she said.

As teachers put up posters and cleaned desks in their classrooms, elsewhere students were getting to know their surroundings ahead of time. Incoming sixth-graders Hannah Boulger and Julia Chavez took the opportunity to learn how to use their lockers.

Although both of them needed a few tries to get their combinations perfect, it didn’t take long to master.

“It was really hard at first, but then it got easier,” Boulger said.

Chavez said she was glad to be old enough to be entrusted with a locker after moving up to CMS from East Elementary.

“I just feel a lot bigger now,” she said.

For students new to the area, the administrative staff offered plentiful help getting them all set up. Bonnie Young, who recently moved to Craig from Idaho Springs, said registering her daughter, Shayleen, for seventh-grade has been easier than expected.

“You have to get transcripts and a lot of paperwork, but these guys (at CMS) made it really nice,” Bonnie said.

Shayleen said she anticipates art, reading and PE being her favorite classes.

“I like pretty much everything,” she said.

Bonnie added that she believes finding friends at the new school should be no problem for her daughter.

“She loves meeting new people,” she said.

Making new acquaintances and reconnecting with old pals is something students of all ages expect as the school year commences.

“I’m excited to see my friends again,” said Moffat County High School’s Stephanie Duarte, soon to be a sophomore.

Duarte’s friend Jacob Archuleta, also a sophomore, said he has had enough of summer by now.

“I got bored a lot, so it’ll just be good to have something to do,” he said. “Theater arts is going to be the best.”

With open houses at most Moffat County schools either last week or this week, children and parents will have a good idea early on of what to expect.

Sandrock Elementary student Macey Booco was jumping for joy Friday when she found out she would be in Julie Sperl’s third-grade class. The 8-year-old said she’ll be happy as long as she gets to participate in her two favorite subjects.

“I love writing and recess,” she said.

Her mother Diana said getting Macey and her 10-year-old brother Jeremiah in school again will be somewhat of a relief even if the schedule will be a shock to their systems.

“It’s going to be tough getting back in the routine of going to bed early and getting up early,” she said.

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