Moffat County School District releases bond survey results |

Moffat County School District releases bond survey results

Out of nearly 500 responses, 57.86% say they'd support a bond measure in 2020

Moffat County School District

More than 500 staff members, parents, and community members responded to Moffat County School District’s bond survey that was sent out August 4, giving the school district and its Board of Education a good understanding of where voters sit when it comes to a potential bond issue in November.

At its Thursday workshop meeting at the administrative building, Superintendent Scott Pankow announced the results of the survey, which had 520 people respond.

Of the 520 people who answered questions on the survey, just 494 responded to the bond ballot question of, “Would you be in support of Moffat County School District placing a bond measure on the 2020 ballot for generational repairs to our school facilities?”

Of those 494 responses (26 skipped the question), 57.89% said they would support the bond measure on the November ballot, while 42.11% said they would not support the bond measure.

Additionally, the school district asked those who responded to the survey how likely they would be to support a bond measure in 2021.

Two hundred and thirteen people responded to the question, while 308 skipped. Of the 213 who responded, 37.56% said they were very unlikely to support the measure, while 33.33% said they were unsure at this time. Another 20.19% said they were unlikely to support it.

Just 6.57% said they were likely to support a bond measure in 2021, while 2.35% said they were very likely.

While discussing the bond survey results Thursday afternoon, the Board of Education sounded discouraged with the results and now faces a tough decision.

“The results of this tell us what we need to know,” JoBeth Tupa said. “There’s a lot of work to do to get people to understand where we’re coming from. It’s discouraging because we were working towards something…”

“It’s really unfortunate that the first and second quarter went the way it did,” Chris Thome said. “It maybe be better for us to restart in January of 2021 and roll the campaign out the way we planned for 2020.

“We really haven’t had the chance to educate the community or show the importance to the community and the staff, so that’s what we’ll have to do moving forward,” Thome added.

“The results sound really discouraging,” JNL Linsacum added. “It doesn’t like it’s going to pass if we go for it.”

It is unclear at this time what the Board of Education will decide to do regarding the bond measure.

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