Moffat County residents own over $1.4 million in unclaimed property. Are you one of them? |

Moffat County residents own over $1.4 million in unclaimed property. Are you one of them?

As of Friday, Feb. 4, there are 1.7 million individuals and businesses across Colorado who have unclaimed property and money being held by the state treasury, and the state is hoping to reunite owners and heirs with their property.

In Moffat County, there is $1,434,468 in unclaimed cash, 12 tangible unclaimed objects and 131,521.40 shares of stock listed for residents. According to data from the State of Colorado, there are 16,354 businesses and individuals in Moffat County that have unclaimed funds and objects, though some names may be counted more than once if they are on multiple bank accounts or statements.

Most of the property that sits in a vault at the treasury office in Denver is money, but some of the rare items the division has received came from safe deposit boxes, according to reporting from the Denver Post. Safe deposit boxes are transferred to the state after the owners haven’t paid any fees on them for five years and the bank cannot locate the owners. Often, these boxes were owned by people who are now deceased, meaning that anything in those boxes now belongs to heirs.

In the past, the division has sent notifications — such as emails, postcards and letters — to potential owners of unclaimed items. Unclaimed property always belongs to its owner — even if it is never claimed. All unclaimed property is held in trust until the rightful owner or owners or their heirs claim it.

As part of the Great Colorado Payback, the Department of the Treasury’s Unclaimed Property Division has created a database to easily navigate who has unclaimed property. Small amounts can be approved and transferred electronically.

For residents who are looking to see if they may have any unclaimed property or funds, visit On that page, users can search by name and zip code to find any matches, or they can use their Property ID that came on any notifications in order to claim goods. You can also call 303-866-6070 or toll free at 1-800-825-2111.

If the information you provide is a match to a name on the list, the Unclaimed Property Office will send a claim form to fill out and return. Along with the form, matches will be required to submit proof of ownership or heirship. The claim form that is received will list the required documentation.

To look at nationwide databases (in case there may be unclaimed property in other states), interested users can go to to search other lists from across the country.

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