Moffat County residents asked to determine Luttrell Barn’s future |

Moffat County residents asked to determine Luttrell Barn’s future

Moffat County Commission seeks public input on Luttrell Barn fate

The Luttrell Barn is a well-known sight in Craig and Moffat County.

Though it doesn’t carry official landmark designation — and isn’t used extensively by locals — the Luttrell Barn nonetheless carries a lot of weight in the hearts and minds of many Craig and Moffat County residents.

With rehabilitation essential, and costly, the Moffat County Commission is asking the community to set aside their sentimental attachment for the structure and think about what the Luttrell Barn is worth to them, in hard dollars.

Roy Tipton, Moffat County developmental services director, has already set the boundaries at $180,000, $40,000 and $5,000.

Those numbers represent what it would cost the county, in taxpayer funds, to upgrade the barn, move it to Wyman Museum or demolish it.

“The roof needs to be completely rebuilt, which is about $65,000 of the cost,” Tipton said. “As with many old buildings, when you tear them open you find more stuff.”

In addition to a total roof rebuild, Tipton said the barn needs some deck maintenance, upgrades to the interior appliances, some new siding, landscaping, a good power washing and a fresh coat of paint.

It’s a laundry list of projects, but the Luttrell Barn is not a project that should be phased out over time, Tipton said.

“It depends on how far you want to go, but I figure if you’re going to fix the thing, let’s fix it so you can use it,” he said. “I come from a dollars and cents background, so I look at the cost/benefits all the time. In the end we’re going to do whatever the commission decides, but I think we could spend our money better on other projects.”

If not rehab, Tipton said he has had an informal conversation with Lou Wyman about moving the Luttrell Barn to the Wyman Museum, at a cost of $40,000.

Wyman could not be reached for comment Thursday to confirm his interest, but Tipton believes it could be a good second option.

“It would be good because you know it would be taken care of and it could stay in the community,” Tipton said. “He just doesn’t want to spend the money to get it moved.”

The only other option is demolition, which Tipton estimates would cost about $5,000.

Rather than commit such a large amount of taxpayer dollars to a rehabilitation project, the commission has asked the community to help them decide the Luttrell Barn’s fate, through comments, by participating in a poll or through submitted letters.

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