Moffat County real estate transactions |

Moffat County real estate transactions

Moffat County real estate transactions for August 2014:

Address: 45088 N. Highway 13

Seller: James Baell

Buyer: Willard Namminga

Sale price: $262,500

Address: 175 W. 20th St.

Seller: Richard M. Trust and Verla J. Haslem

Buyer: Kelly and Misty McCormick

Sale price: $227,500

Address: Moffat County

Seller: LR Smith Investments LLC

Buyer: Raftopoulos Land Co. LLC

Sale price: $2,189,438

Address: 925 W. First St.

Seller: Misty Ann Heflin

Buyer: Rodriquez Chavez Braulio

Sale price: $3,200

Address: 946 Sloan Circle

Seller: Secretary of HUD

Buyer: Jarrod Ogden and Joan Kendall

Sale price: $57,900

Address: 2335 Crockett Dr.

Seller: Thomas Edward Graham Jr. and Christopher Louis

Buyer: EZ Trade Trust

Sale price: $80,000

Address: 71 Veatch Ave., Maybell

Seller Michael and Sheila Hackett

Buyer: David L. Davis

Sale price: $2,000

Address: Moffat County

Seller: Charter Oak Coloroutt, LLC

Buyer: Steve Raftopoulos

Sale price: $60,200

Address: 3851 W. Sixth Ave.

Seller: James and Susan Clark

Buyer: Kevin Kernan

Sale price: $115,000

Address: 1365 Sequoia Ave.

Seller: George W. Mitchell and Craig Gearhart

Buyer: Gwen Fordham

Sale price: $86,300

Address: Wilderness Ranches Lot 207

Seller: Michael Quesnoy

Buyer: John Salisubury

Sale price: $24,500

Address: 896 Villa View Dr.

Seller: Leon and Mary Jane Horrocks

Buyer: Martha and Martin Stearns

Sale price: $228,000

Address: 1041 Harris Dr.

Seller: David and Angela Hahn

Buyer: Brent Allan and Lisa Marie Curtice

Sale price: $303,000

Address: 415 Tucker St.

Seller: Secretary of HUD

Buyer: NCM Holdings LLC

Sale price: $33,700

Address: 622 Ledford St. Lot 5

Seller: Alpine Group LLC

Buyer: Brian and Kara Soper

Sale price: $380,000

Address: 1101 W. Sixth St. Lot 6

Seller: Alpine Group LLC

Buyer: Brian and Kara Soper

Sale price: $380,000

Address: 1846 W. Second St.

Seller: Judy and Donnie Kendall

Buyer: Robert and Elaine Austin

Sale price: $145,000

Address: 352 Birch St.

Seller: Secretary of HUD

Buyer: Roger Miesner and Melanie Hahn

Sale price: $139,200

Address: 1097 Aspen Ave.

Seller Brenda and Jeffrey Hershiser

Buyer: Dale Hansen

Sale price: $153,000

Address: 2210 W. Third St. #5

Seller: Gregorio Balbuena and Silva Eriberto

Buyer: Claudia Hernandez and Juan Carlos

Sale price: $8,500

Address: 1277 Sunrise Lane

Seller: Ramon Duarte

Buyer: Keyla Ibarra

Sale price: $3,000

Address: 1265 Sunrise Lane

Seller Ramon Duarte

Buyer: Jorge Tarango

Sale price: $2,000

Address: 156 W. Circle Dr.

Seller: Roger Miesner

Buyer: Nathan Tyree

Sale price: $25,000

Address: 745 Legion St.

Seller: Lee and Kathy Fagan

Buyer: Jerod Smith

Sale price: $107,000

Address: 621 Yampa Ave.

Seller: Owen Grant

Buyer: Western Colorado Funeral Service

Sale price: $315,000

Address: 315 E. Sixth St.

Seller: Kaja Holdings LLC

Buyer: Boyd and Robin Pape

Sale price: $10,000

Address: 781 Moffat County Road 15

Seller: John Wix

Buyer: W/K Land Company

Sale price: $2,000

Address: 3793 W. Sixth St.

Seller: Lowry Geddes Seely Support Trust

Buyer: Jeremy Bartleman

Sale price: $75,000

Address: 358 Cedar Cir.

Seller: Secretary of HUD

Buyer: Hubert and Better Switzler

Sale price: $104,000

Address: 823 Columbine St.

Seller: Scott Johnson

Buyer: William Roland

Sale price: $209,000

Address: 253 Lowell St.

Seller: TCSH LLC

Buyer: Jess Covey

Price: $80,000

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