Moffat County real estate transactions total $6.7 million for November 2020 |

Moffat County real estate transactions total $6.7 million for November 2020

Moffat County’s real estate estate saw a pandemic boost in a big way during the spring and summer of 2020.

That trend continued into the late fall in Moffat County as the county saw $6.7 million in real estate transactions in the month of November.

Craig Association of Realtors President Kacey Lyons said that November’s strong real estate numbers showed just how well the market has done throughout 2020.

“The market is holding super strong, and things are heading in the right direction,” Lyons said. “People are wanting that small town, country town living way of life, so that has a huge factor in the market and what we’re seeing in Moffat County.”

In November, Moffat County had 37 real estate transactions process. Of the 37 transactions, the property at 225 Falcon Drive was the lowest transaction at $13,000, while the highest was the property at 6798 County Road 7, which sold for $395,000.

In total, the average transaction was $181,508.108.

November Real Estate Transactions

820 Taylor Street

Seller: Jennifer Bricco

Buyer: Russell & Raquel Neesham

Sale Price: $107,500

410 Elmwood Street

Seller: Lloyd Powers

Buyer: Ezequiel Chavez & Erica Fowler

Sale Price: $72,000

4295 Timberlane Dr

Seller: Bennett Burns & Linda Trust

Buyer: Jamin McKee

Sale Price: $55,000

535 3rd Avenue West

Seller: Angela Buchanan

Buyer: Shawn Halme

Sale Price: $160,000

1301 E Victory Way

Seller: Gerry Wooden

Buyer: Gatlynn Hicks & Shannon Lee

Sale Price: $203,000

833 Ranney Street

Seller: Angela Calhoun

Buyer: Steve Heafner & Lisa Gill

Sale Price: $130,000

694 N Mistletoe CT

Seller: Shawn Moss

Buyer: Jose Rodriguez

Sale Price: $40,000

1227 Taylor Street

Seller: Frentress Living Trust

Buyer: Darla Rolf

Sale Price: $192,500

576 Lincoln Street

Seller: Diane Cookston

Buyer: Pamela Mikesell

Sale Price: $147,000

140 Hill Circle Drive

Seller: James Phillips

Buyer: Jace & Skyler Trujillo

Sale Price: $345,000

100 County Road 212

Seller: Zachary Hansen

Buyer: Janice Ryno & Walter & Miyako Hirano

Sale Price: $207,000

225 Falcon Drive

Seller: Jared Ewy

Buyer: Mark Davis

Sale Price: $13,000

3286 Routt Forest Drive

Seller: Rustons Saw Service LLC

Buyer: James Smith

Sale Price: $370,000

1128 County Road 39

Seller: Seattle Bank

Buyer: Carl and Stephanie Davis

Sale Price: $215,000

6798 County Road 7

Seller: John Leblanc

Buyer: Mary Steed

Sale Price: $395,000

1500 Lecuyer Drive

Seller: Nathan MaComber

Buyer: Tiffany Park

Sale Price: $235,000

1226 Barclay Street

Seller: Randall Dial

Buyer: Nathan and Teal Macomber

Sale Price: $240,000

1226 Aspen Avenue

Seller: Randall Martin

Buyer: Randall & Nanette Dial

Sale Price: $150,000

3840 W 6th Street

Seller: Laura Cieslik

Buyer: Poet Lee Morningstar Stewart

Sale Price: $180,000

257 Prong Horn Road

Seller: Debra Kirby

Buyer: Traci & Hubert Johns

Sale Price: $291,000

780 Riford Road

Seller: Dario Archuleta

Buyer: Rainer Stammler

Sale Price: $176,000

876 Washington Street

Seller: Steve Cattoor & Joyce A Trust

Buyer: Franklin Fedinec

Sale Price:$149,900

2971 Pine Ridge Drive

Seller: Hayden Resident Trust

Buyer: James Hand

Sale Price: $285,000

6799 County Road 7

Seller: Doug Bailey

Buyer: James and Leslie Stewart

Sale Price: $280,000

577 Yampa Avenue

Seller: Elysian Fields LLC

Buyer: Mason & Lynette Siedschlaw

Sale Price: $130,000

219 Field Street

Seller: Holly Gurr

Buyer: Randy Payne & Shantel Bell

Sale Price: $202,300

637 E &7th Street

Seller: Cowtown Properties LLC

Buyer: Amelia Nordin

Sale Price: $69,900

1152 Forest Service Road

Seller: Debora Brown

Buyer: Angela Mitchell

Sale Price: $50,000

701 Riford Road

Seller: Charles Berkley

Buyer: John Williams

Sale Price: $180,000

2903 Boulder Drive

Seller: Michael Berg

Buyer: Brian & John Kakac

Sale Price: $185,000

1207 Washington Street

Seller: Double R Investments

Buyer: Travis Sanford

Sale Price: $178,900

1014 Alta Court

Seller: Roger Reed

Buyer: Ryan & Dana Duran

Sale Price: $380,000

1916 W 2nd Street

Seller: Don Cameron

Buyer: Snadra Hershiser

Sale Price $165,000

240 Sand Gulch Road

Seller: Gregory Caddy

Buyer: Cody Cox

Sale Price: $255,000

906 Cottonwood Avenue

Seller: Cody Cox

Buyer: Zane Abraham & Amy Nieto

Sale Price: $135,000

952 Fiddleneck Drive

Seller: Richard Blatzer

Buyer: Joseph Ruiz

Sale Price: $110,000

1792 W 2nd Street

Seller: Ferrel McCurdy

Buyer: Richard & Paige Tatom

Sale Price: $239,000

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