Moffat County real estate transactions for September: |

Moffat County real estate transactions for September:

• Address: 405 Hill Drive

Seller: Randy Sloan

Buyer: Robert E Daniels Jr.

Sale price: $292,500

• Address: 1386 Sequoia Ave.

Seller: Laverne Torkelson

Buyer: Seth Watson

Sale price: $47,000

• Address: 2084 W. 2nd St.

Seller: Ryan L McCurdy

Buyer: Stephen T Barneski

Sale price: $228,500

• Address: 550 Stout St.

Seller: Dean H & Iris Doolin

Buyer: Michelle Winey

Sale price: $109,300

• Address: 728 Breeze St.

Seller: Audrey Anna Charchalis

Buyer: Andrew Steve Raftopoulos

Sale price: $160,000

• Address: 987 Van Dorn Dr.

Seller: Britany Nielson

Buyer: Ryan D Shawcroft

Sale price: $200,000

• Address: 1277 Sunrise Lane

Seller: Leanna Rae Dennis

Buyer: Keyla L Ibarra

Sale price: $10,000

• Address: 755 E. Victory Way

Seller: Top Goal Investments LLC

Buyer: Anton Scherbl

Sale price: $325,000

• Address: 590 7th Ave. West

Seller: Chris Martin

Buyer: Douglas Fallis

Sale price: $185,000

• Address: 2918 Highway 40

Seller: O’Shane Wilson

Buyer: Loyle K Brennis Trust No. 1

Sale price: $510,000

• Address: 872 Steele St.

Seller: Carl G & Gisela Kloos Trust

Buyer: Colin W Wagner

Sale price: $148,000

• Address: 2853 Grackle Road

Seller: Lawrence Bradford Smith

Buyer: Roger L Vohs

Sale price: $12,000

• Address: 907 Ridge Road

Seller: James D & Christine L Adams

Buyer: Andrew Joseph Andrew

Sale price: $325,000

• Address: 1025 Western Ave.

Seller: Claude L Stagner

Buyer: Connie Davis

Sale price: $215,000

• Address: 2855 Victory Way West

Seller: LLC Matcom

Buyer: Anton Scherbl

Sale price: $335,300

• Address: 115 E. 7th St.

Seller: James M Stoddard

Buyer: Ron Fortney

Sale price: $120,000

• Address: 240 W. 10th St.

Seller: Thomas H Schnellinger

Buyer: Richard Seniff

Sale price: $190,600

• Address: 2038 Woodland Ave.

Seller: Jeremy & Jessica Ashton

Buyer: Marty J Behrman

Sale price: $215,000

• Address: 1288 Mariana Way

Seller: David James Nicoletto

Buyer: NCM Holdings LLC

Sale price: $30,000

• Address: 289 Lewis Lane

Seller: John P & Joan V Walt

Buyer: Steven Evans Baker

Sale price: $431,500

• Address: 1570 North Ranney

Seller: Susan K Van Wagoner

Buyer: Susan M Olson

Sale price: $59,900

• Address: 930 Taylor St.

Seller: Bart Kounovsky

Buyer: William Letsinger

Sale price: $155,100

• Address: 325 Victory Way West

Seller: Eutiquio Pereyra

Buyer: Gloria Hernandez Dominquez

Sale price: $75,000

• Address: 828 Taylor St.

Seller: Secretary of HUD

Buyer: NCM Holdings LLC

Sale price: $62,500

• Address: 946 Sloan Circle

Seller: Joan Ogden

Buyer: Charles R Tipp Jr.

Sale price: $277,000

• Address: 1554 Timberlane Drive

Seller: Michael G Convery

Buyer: Scott Douglas Spuhler

Sale price: $29,500

• Address: 1390 Game Reserve Drive

Seller: John L Biester Trust

Buyer: John R Yenzi III

Sale price: $16,000

• Address: 1015 Lincoln St.

Seller: Willemina Babb

Buyer: Oscar Chaparro Macias

Sale price: $140,000

• Address: 955 Colby Circle

Seller: Dustin Spencer

Buyer: Seth Radford Linton

Sale price: $152,000

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