Moffat County real estate transactions for September |

Moffat County real estate transactions for September

Seller: O. Wayne and Shirley A. Kindred
Buyer: Virgil J. and Cynthia Beaver
Property: Ridgeview Sub Lot 16 Blk. 3; 685 Riford Rd.
Price: $170,300

Seller: Chase Home Finance LLC
Buyer: John E. and Doris M. Zimmerman
Property: Martin Subdivision Lot 10; 302 Birch St.
Price: $110,200

Seller: Wade Robert Wright and Shannon Lynn Aaberg
Buyer: Shannon L. Mayes
Property: Craig view Lots 41-42 Blk. 11; 1163 Washington St.
Price: $157,000

Seller: Tom E. and Barbara A. Nagoda
Buyer: Benigno Landa
Property: Ridgeview Sub Lot 9 Blk. 8 Filing #1; 3643 Westridge Ct.
Price: $157,000

Seller: Peggy A. Gonzales Trust
Buyer: Jay and Jay Properties LLC
Property: Craig Original Lots 29-32 Blk. 24; 625 & 629 Ranney St.
Price: $344,000

Seller: Peggy A. Gonzales Trust
Buyer: Donald and Darreline Hoque
Property: Country Club Lot 9 Blk. C; 1092 East 7th St.
Price: $48,500

Seller: Virgil B. Heed
Buyer: L. Bruce and Ellen A. Strickler
Property: Cook-Kiser Minor Lot 2; 5600 Highway 318
Price: $220,000

Seller: Calvin T. Novacek
Buyer: Karen Rohnke
Property: Meadows Lot 13 Blk. 13 Second Addition; 2070 West 2nd Ave.
Price: $180,000

Seller: John C. and Sharon M. Stehle
Buyer: Jeff and Melissa Johns
Property: Wildlife Estates Lot 11; Vacant land on Pence Drive
Price: $32,000

Seller: Joel D. and John H. Cooper
Buyer: Donald Ray Bensen and Gary T. Boehler
Property: Wilderness Ranch lot 296 Filing #4; 1996 Timberlane Dr.
Price: $20,000

Seller: James D. and Christine Adams
Buyer: Yvonne and Lonnie Gustin
Property: Wilderness Ranch Lot 100 Filing #3; Dipper Lane
Price: $25,000

Seller: Kacy Hazen and Gabriel Daniel Holt
Buyer: David A. and Brookie L. Bradshaw
Property: Pineridge Lot 47 Blk. 6 Filing #3; 2933 Pinon Cr.
Price: $237,500

Seller: Stacy Ann Ovenden
Buyer: James Guy Mitchell
Property: Glen Erie Sub Lot 2 Blk. 1A of the replat of Blk. 1; 952 East 11th St.
Price: $144,700

Seller: M. Dell Zobell
Buyer: Lloyd V. and Charolette R. Vaughan
Property: Meadows Lot 1 Blk. 11 First Addition; 2002 Woodland Ave.
Price: $168,000

Seller: Belarimo A. and Trudy R. Santistevan
Buyer: Timothy Paul Clark II
Property: Agriculture Lot 22 Santistevan Parcels Phase III; Vacant Land on Andrea Way
Price: $73,000
Seller: Linda H. Wallihan
Buyer: Rocky L. Mannon
Property: Agriculture T7N R93W S20 Lots 2,3,5 SW4NE4
Price: $69,500

Seller: John C. and N. Lynn Stehle Trust
Buyer: David J. and Lori L. Dodge
Property: Wildlife Estates Lot 2; Vacant Land on Pence Drive
Price: $39,900

Seller: The Dale H. and Linda M. Rodewald Revocable Trust
Buyer: Ronald B. and Kimberly A. Schnackenberg
Property: Pineridge Lot 36 Blk. 6; 2865 Pinon Cr.
Price: $350,000

Seller: Dale H. and Linda M. Revocable Trust
Buyer: Ronald B. and Kimberly A. Schnackenberg
Property: Frontier City A portion of Blk. 6 & 7 desc.; Storage Unit on A Street
Price: $15,000

Seller: William D. Waite Trust
Buyer: Jose Rodriguez
Property: State Addition Lots 17-18 Bkl. 8; 929 Breeze St.
Price: $92,100

Seller: James and Marna M. Warren
Buyer: Danny L. Robbins
Property: Craig View Lots 33-36 Blk. 31; 517 E. 7th St.
Price: $12,000

Seller: Larry Eugene Simpson and Linda Joyce Garrett
Buyer: Marvin D. Cortner
Property: Craig View Lots 38-39 Blk. 23; 945 Rose St.
Price: $85,000
Seller: The Rod and Maryann Ruppel Living Trust
Buyer: Tarsha L. Ebbern
Property: Wilderness Ranch Lot 103 Filing #3; Vacant Land on Dipper Lane
Price: $10,000

Seller: Patrick M. and Yolanda T. McCollom
Buyer: Glenda J. Warrichaiet
Property: Crest Village Lot 6 Blk. 4 of the Replat of Bkl. 4; 813 Finley Lane
Price: $164,000

Seller: Dennis Ray and Pamela Rose Kinder
Buyer: Wade O. Jr. and Patricia A. Hansen
Property: Agriculture T6N R90W S28,29 Desc.; 6275 County Rd. 33
Price: $275,000

Seller: Robert Razzano –Public Trustee
Buyer: Green Tree Servicing LLC
Property: Craig East 1-4 Lot 15 Blk. 1; 2271 Jeffcoat Dr.
Price: $19,535

Seller: Robert and Diane Grubb Family Trust
Buyer: George A. and Stephane S. Herod
Property: Mount View S1/2 Lot 3, All Lots 4-5 Blk. 10; 1188 Breeze St.
Price: $135,000

Seller: Charla M. Kendrick
Buyer: Jerry Joshua and Rachael Renee Pickrell
Property: Ridgeview Sub Lot 26 Blk. 6 of Ridgeview PUD; 3791 West 6th St.
Price: $85,000

Seller: Timothy James and Julane Linda Barnes
Buyer: Charla M. Kendrick
Property: Wilderness Ranch Lot 150 Filing #3; 450 Grackle Rd.
Price: $95,000
Seller: Magnum Metals Inc
Buyer: James S. Simos
Property: Lufkin Replat Lot 1; 2350 West 3rd St.
Price: $250,000

Seller: Wilton Earle & Sons
Buyer: Elkhead Ranch LLC
Property: Agriculture T9N R93W S28,32,33 Desc.
Price: $350,000

Seller: Barbara J. Martin — PR
Buyer: Archie E. and Joan E. Dwyer
Property: Craig East 1-4 Lto 46-48 Blk. 16; 789 Tucker St.
Price: $210,000

Seller: Nicholas R. and Rachel B. Veenstra
Buyer: Glenda Brannan
Property: Shadow Mountain Lot 22 Blk. 1; 2208 West 9th St.
Price: $44,000

Seller: Lloyd Buford
Buyer: Rod Owens
Property: Gadd Subdivision Lots 7-8 Blk. E; 10835 County Rd. 134
Price: $70,000

Seller: Ilda R. Booco and Ronald E. Lawton — PR Estate of Addeline F. Lawton
Buyer: Hiroko Akima
Property: Rosedale Addition Lots 13-15 Blk. 2; 638 & 642 Colorado St.
Price: $74,500

Seller: Ronald L. and JNL R. Linsacum
Buyer: Richard J. and Debra A. Kroman
Property: Mount View Lot 2 Blk. 10A of replat Lots 19-30 Bkl. 10; 140 Hillside Terrace
Price: $155,000

Seller: Warren L. Martyn
Buyer: Sheila M. and Scott R. Brennise
Property: Craig Original Lots 23-24 Blk. 25; 415 West Victory Way
Price: $125,000

Seller: Robert Razzano — Public Trustee
Buyer: Wells Fargo Bank
Property: Victory Addition N1/2 Lot 46 & Lots 47-48 Blk. 5; 395 Rose St.
Price: $76,618

Seller: Melvin Charles and Jon James Garrett
Buyer: Lynn W. Blevins Et Al No Transfer, Incorrect Grantor
Property: County Res/Subs T8N R102W S13 Desc.
Price: $8,000

Seller: Bobby and Shirley Anne McAllister
Buyer: Gary Silvers
Property: County Res/Subs T12N R89W S14 aka Williams Minor Subdivision
Price: $40,000

Seller: James L. Gerber
Buyer: Eldon Gerber Family Ranch LLC
Property: Agriculture T6N R92W, T7N R92W Desc.
Price: $222,500

Seller: James L. and Pamela G. Gerber
Buyer: Eldon Gerber Family Ranch LLC
Property: Sunbird Lot 41
Price: $17,500

Seller: Shaun M. and Jeanne J. May
Buyer: Paul E. Gowdy II
Property: Craig View Lots 7-8 Blk. 22; 1052 Washington Street
Price: $21,000

Seller: CCRH, LLC Et Al
Buyer: Dale and Andrea Camp
Property: Pineridge Lots 3-6 Blk. 1 Filing #2; Vacant land on Cedar Court
Price: $300,000

Seller: Michael W. and Daylene Beldon
Buyer: Darrell L. and Joanne M. Snow
Property: Western Knolls Lot 8 Blk. 2; 54 Ridge Dr.
Price: $253,000

Seller: Jean Ann Shelton — PR
Buyer: Noel and Kerry L. Alonso
Property: Sunset Addition N2 Lot 37, All of Lots 38-39 Blk. 5 Filing #2; 853 Green St.
Price: $163,000

Seller: David S. Cronk
Buyer: Barry Nelson and Gina Robison
Property: Western Knolls Lot 16 Blk. 6; 293 Hill Dr.
Price: $210,000

Seller: WHA Craig Partners LLC
Buyer: David J. Dodge and Gabriel Duarte
Property: Sunrise Lots 11-20; Lots on Sunrise Lane
Price: $75,000

Seller: Dale Kruse
Buyer: Michael C. Stern
Property: Meadows Lot 6 Blk. 13 Second Addition; 262 Bilsing St.
Price: $170,000

Seller: Bill G. Brewer and Dana L. Archuleta
Buyer: Richard P. and Rita S. Sundine
Property: Wilderness Ranch Lot 307 Filing #4; 2378 Timberlane Loop Road
Price: $9,000

Seller: Charolette R. and Llyod V. Vaughan
Buyer: Timothy G. and Christele M. Rolando
Property: Woodbury Addition Tract 22 of Woodbury Tracts; 365 Riverview Avenue
Price: $267,500

Seller: Sand Springs #5 Inc
Buyer: Veldon W. Behrman
Property: Sand Springs Sub Lot 46 Filing #5; 408 Pronghorn Road
Price: $20,000

Seller: DJ Roden
Buyer: Maurice A. and Ruth E. Schuessler
Property: County Res/Subs T6N R91W S1 aka Tract 3A; 30 South Ranney St.

Seller: The Nicole Redd Clark Trust No. 2
Buyer: John R. and Christina Swanson
Property: Crest Village Lot 6 Blk. 3; 1260 Schrader Ave.
Price: $176,000

Seller: Jerry W. Burton
Buyer: Kevin Lee and Jennifer Lynn Riley
Property: County Res/Subs T7N R91W S8 Tract in N2 Desc.; 6011 County Rd. 7
Price: $217,700

Seller: Robert Razzano — Public Trustee
Buyer: Wells Fargo Bank
Property: Shadow Mountain Lot 11 Blk. 7; 955 Sequoia Ave.
Price: $101,983

Seller: Neil McCandless (1/2 interest)
Buyer: Fortification Rocks LLC (1/2 interest)
Property: Agriculture T9N R90W, T9N R91W Desc.
Price: $335,700

Seller: The Leo K. Tucker Revocable Trust and The Jean Tucker Revocable Trust (1/2 interest)
Buyer: Fortification Rocks LLC (1/2 interest)
Property: Agriculture T9N R90W, T9N R91W Desc.
Price: $335,700

Seller: Lonnie D. and Ann F. Hedges
Buyer: Tarango Inc
Property: Agriculture T12N R91W S8, 17 Desc.
Price: $150,000

Seller: Horizons Specialized Services
Buyer: Yvonne Gustin
Property: State Addition Lots 30-32 Blk. 6; 1029 School St.
Price: $151,000

Seller: Jeffery Scott
Buyer: Jesse and Jessica Lowe
Property: Shadow Mountain Lot 2 Blk. 1; 872 Aspen Ave.
Price: $78,000

Seller: Jason T. and Lauren P. Pickett
Buyer: Lewis E. and Malynne Hill
Property: Pineridge Lot 23 Blk. 6 Filing #3; 2944 Pine Ridge Drive
Price: $292,500

Seller: Donald L. McCorkle
Buyer: Cathy May and Chuck Barber
Property: Wilderness Ranch Lot 346 Filing #5; 1369 Timberland Loop Road
Price: $4,900

Seller: Janice L. Center fka Janice L. McCorkle
Buyer: Cathy May and Chuck Barber
Property: Wilderness Ranch Lot 346 Filing #5; 1369 Timberlane Loop Road
Price: $4,900

Seller: Donald Y. Kirby
Buyer: Michael D. and Dana M. Kirby
Property: Sandwood Addition Lot 15 Blk. 2; 851 Columbine St.
Price: $169,000

Seller: Parfrey Family Trust
Buyer: Billie M. Castle and William Earl Parfrey
Property: Cedar Mountain Lot 20 Blk. 4; 156 West Circle Drive
Price: $18,000

Seller: CCRH LLC Et Al
Buyer: Livin Investments LLC
Property: Pineridge Lots 44,44A,45,45A of PUD Pineridge Townhomes/Apts
Price: $225,000

Seller: Dan L. Martin
Buyer: Neil McCandless
Property: Patterson Condos Unit 2; 520 1st Ave. West
Price: $47,500

Seller: David J. Dodge and Gabriel Duarte
Buyer: Deneena L. Higgins
Property: Sunrise at Shadow Lot 20; 1229 Sunrise Lane
Price: $16,500

Seller: Deneena L. Higgins
Buyer: Arturo and Irma Betty Gonzalez
Property: Wheatland Heights Lot 9 Filing #2 & Irish Acres Lots 2-4; 257 Roberts Road
Price: $195,000

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