Moffat County real estate transactions for May 2010 |

Moffat County real estate transactions for May 2010

Buyer: Moreau, Donald A Jr Et Al

Seller: Miracle, Ivan D & Jeanette

Property Description: Lot 17 & E2 Lot 16, Blk. C, Gadd

Sale Price: $4,500

Buyer: Mose, Timothy Lee & Shannon Christine

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Seller: Leinweber, Halber W & Linda K

Property Description: 1080 School St.

Sale Price: $233,000

Buyer: Maulding, Billie Sue Et Al

Seller: Boutwell, Rolland E

Property Description: 151 Barbra Dr.

Sale Price: $200,800

Buyer: Brookshire, David L

Seller: Shipley, Sheryl

Property Description: 960 Colorado St.

Sale Price: $186,000

Buyer: Mosher, Jenny L

Seller: Arguello, Darrell Jr & Mary Ann

Property Description: 3657 Juniper Pl.

Sale Price: $152,400

Buyer: Hefton, Joseph G & Lori M

Seller: Santistevan, Belarmino A & Trudy R

Property Description: Lot 8, Santistevan Parcels

Sale Price: $190,000

Buyer: Miller, James E

Seller: Mayes, William N

Property Description: 23 Ellis Ave.

Sale Price: $7,000

Buyer: Martin, Anthony & Gloria

Seller: Hess, Marvin D & Miriam E

Property Description: 6266 County Rd. 7

Sale Price: $165,000

Buyer: Holt, James D

Seller: Hucke, Susan Jean & Peterson, Beverly Anne

Property Description: 2103 County Rd. 22

Sale Price: $265,000

Buyer: Durham, Barrett G & Walker, Erin J

Seller: Pietrick, Dave

Property Description: 3879 W. 6th St.

Sale Price: $137,000

Buyer: Palisades National Bank

Seller: Public Trustee

Property Description: Lots 3-4, Willow Creek Cove

Sale Price: $78,760

Buyer: Green, James William

Seller: Jpmorgan Chase Bank

Property Description: 36 Counts Dr.

Sale Price: $71,429

Buyer: Miller, Jeffray H & Erin J

Seller: Claypoole, Steven L

Property Description: 595 4th Ave. W.

Sale Price: $170,000

Buyer: Goddard, Gordon Lee & Misty Lee

Seller: Kagie, Marian I

Property Description: 7710 County Rd. 33

Sale Price: $141,900

Buyer: Herring, Michael L & Tonia K

Seller: Field, Gregory Mark & Vicky D

Property Description: 935 Steele Ct.

Sale Price: $332,900

Buyer: Hatcher, Ronald M & Terri E

Seller: Gustin, Lonnie & Yvonne

Property Description: 1051 5th Ave. S.

Sale Price: $195,000

Buyer: Berkey, Charles & Brandy A

Seller: Vangrandt, Jaceson A & Michelle M

Property Description: 701 Riford Rd.

Sale Price: $195,200

Buyer: Tucker, Stephen

Seller: Moffat County Sheriff

Property Description: Lot 192-193, Filing #3, Wilderness

Sale Price: $17,600

Buyer: Cass, Traber & Linda

Seller: Fredrickson, Gary M

Property Description: Lot 1, Blk. 2, North Rancho

Sale Price: $39,000

Buyer: Sawer, William

Seller: Collins, Valerie A

Property Description: Lots 39-40, Blk. 8, Frontier City

Sale Price: $8,000

Buyer: Borroel, Nicole J

Seller: Haskins, Dale

Property Description: 421 Taylor St.

Sale Price: $156,500

Buyer: Yampa Valley Bison Llc

Seller: West Three Crown Ranch Llc

Property Description: Various Townships & Ranges

Sale Price: $577,400

Buyer: Warren, Danette K

Seller: Duarte, Ramon Luis & Aguirre, Irma Elena

Property Description: 2120 Crockett Dr.

Sale Price: $68,000

Buyer: Lee, Shane Curtis & Gail Anne

Seller: Halcomb, Steve L & Kimberly A

Property Description: 1321 Lecuyer Dr.

Sale Price: $256,000

Buyer: Oldroyd, Steve L

Seller: Hoy Mountain Ranch Llc

Property Description: T8n R103w Sec. 5-8, Desc.

Sale Price: $940,800

Buyer: Hamilton, John Pr & Sylvia

Seller: Wardlow, Randy & Dena

Property Description: 200 Johnson Tr.

Sale Price: $274,500

Buyer: Harkleroad, Andy R & April Leigh

Seller: Shoemaker, Joe & Lajuan

Property Description: 1320 County Rd. 7

Sale Price: $100,000

Buyer: Calhoun, Angela

Seller: Hummel, Daniel M & Justaunna M

Property Description: 833 Ranney St.

Sale Price: $118,500

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