Moffat County real estate transactions for July |

Moffat County real estate transactions for July

Moffat County real estate transactions for July

• Address: 400 County Road 200

Seller: Robert S Hadley

Buyer: Jason Ahlstrom

Sale price: $215,000

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• Address: 2208 Williams Lane

Seller: Secretary of HUD

Buyer: Roberto Lopez

Sale price: $42,000

• Address: 3361 County Road 7

Seller: Jason Ahlstrom

Buyer: Steven Ahlstrom

Sale price: $155,000

• Address: 1920 Crockett Dr.

Seller: Dwayne E & Brenda Powell

Buyer: Darrek M Stoffel

Sale price: $190,000

• Address: 290 Hill Dr.

Seller: Gary D Bradford

Buyer: Nathan B Ellgen

Sale price: $247,000

• Address: 45570 North Highway 13

Seller: Robert L Snavley

Buyer: Margaret R Anderson

Sale price: $399,000

• Address: 95 Veatch St.

Seller: Square Top 3 LLC

Buyer: Doug McIntyre

Sale price: $35,000

• Address: 2539 Boulder Dr.

Seller: Jerry S Pierson Revocable Trust

Buyer: James A Oliver

Sale price: $35,000

• Address: 899 Union St.

Seller: Brent L Brighton

Buyer: Kyle Francone

Sale price: $280,000

• Address: 204 E. Second St.

Seller: Theresa Welborn

Buyer: Jim Person

Sale price: $66,200

• Address: 316 Sunset Dr.

Seller: Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC

Buyer: Daniel Meyer

Sale price: $37,900

• Address: 403 Hill Dr.

Seller: Randy Sloan

Buyer: Gina Robison

Sale price: $134,700

• Address: 61891 West Highway 40

Seller: Russell & Robin S Hope

Buyer: Donald A Black

Sale price: $78,800

• Address: 1055 County Road 209

Seller: Rhonda J Newberry

Buyer: Linda M Becker

Sale price: $160,000

• Address: 684 Russell St.

Seller: Steven Mark Proctor

Buyer: Richard D Arnold

Sale price: $143,000

• Address: 541-543 Colorado St.

Seller: Claire M Lefler

Buyer: NCM Holdings LLC

Sale price: $105,000

• Address: 2320 Crockett Dr.

Seller: Arthur D Stark

Buyer: Max A Kelly

Sale price: $85,800

• Address: 1001 Alta Court

Seller: Thomas D Shaw

Buyer: Roger Oneal Richmond

Sale price: $345,000

• Address: 1629 Boulder Dr.

Seller: Peter F Mikulin

Buyer: Robert McPhate

Sale price: $7,000

• Address: 3270 County Road 31

Seller: Carol Taylor

Buyer: Kim C Stehle

Sale price: $50,000

• Address: 3270 County Road 31

Seller: Janet Leonard

Buyer: Kim C Stehle

Sale price: $50,000

• Address: 622 Valley View Dr.

Seller: Sherman P Romney

Buyer: Stephanie Tetley

Sale price: $66,000

• Address: 354 Johnson View Court

Seller: Ronald I & Alta N Weaver

Buyer: Earl G Halteman

Sale price: $220,000

• Address: 118 Ervin St.

Seller: Paul M & Sherrie R Knez

Buyer: Scott Alan Simpson

Sale price: $318,000

• Address: 370 Apple St.

Seller: Jerry J Sisneros

Buyer: Paul D Harrell

Sale price: $177,000

• Address: 1287 Mariana Way

Seller: Secretary of HUD

Buyer: Lonnie Gustin

Sale price: $48,000

• Address: 395 Rose St.

Seller: Barbara Sholes

Buyer: Chandra N Combs

Sale price: $67,500

• Address: 855 Ashley Road

Seller: Jackie A Pomeroy

Buyer: Pauline A Kearney

Sale price: $57,000

• Address: 715 Taylor St.

Seller: William V Lawrence

Buyer: David W Ulrich

Sale price: $195,000

• Address: 167 Woodbury Dr.

Seller: Werner Testamentary Trust

Buyer: Johnny W Mann

Sale price: $138,000

• Address: 799 Slater Way Road

Seller: Mary T Biester Revocable Trust

Buyer: Kathleen Iskra

Sale price: $59,900

• Address: 576 School St.

Seller: Hamill Family Partnership LLLP

Buyer: Nicholas Myers

Sale price: $110,000

• Address: 920 E. Ninth St.

Seller: Kyle Ryan Booth

Buyer: Shad Curtis

Sale price: $205,000

• Address: 746 E. 12th St.

Seller: Melissa Jefferson

Buyer: Gary Sheveland

Sale price: $3,700

• Address: 746 E. 12th St.

Seller: Melissa Jefferson

Buyer: Gary Sheveland

Sale price: $3,800

• Address: 746 E. 12th St.

Seller: Melissa Jefferson

Buyer: Gary Sheveland

Sale price: $20,000

• Address: 861 South Saddoris Dr.

Seller: Jordan P Schoof

Buyer: Laura Y Ramirez Duarte

Sale price: $149,900

• Address: 2210 W. 3rd St.

Seller: Sara Foland

Buyer: Priscilla Nelson

Sale price: $15,000

• Address: 1341 E. Victory Way

Seller: Shad Curtis

Buyer: Micah L Schrock

Sale price: $135,000

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