Moffat County precinct caucuses to determine local candidates running for office |

Moffat County precinct caucuses to determine local candidates running for office

Precinct caucus locations

Republican locations:

Precinct 1: Ridgeview Elementary School

Precinct 2: Fairgrounds Pavillion

Precinct 3: Sandrock Elementary

Precinct 4: Browns Park School

Precinct 5: Moffat County High School Library

Precinct 6: Maybell Community Center

Precinct 7: Craig Middle School

Precinct 8: There will be no caucus in precinct 8 as there is no precinct chair to lead a caucus.

Precinct 9: East Elementary School

Precinct 10: Hamilton Hall

Precinct 11: Sunset Elementary School

Precinct 12: School Administration Building

Precinct 13: Moffat County Extension Office Basement

Democrat Location:

The American Legion Post

The Republicans and Democrats of Moffat County are getting into gear for election season.

The precinct caucuses for both parties will take place Tuesday and will be an opportunity for voters to select delegates for the state assembly and choose their local candidates.

“The caucuses are definitely a grassroots process. That’s how each individual county and party nominates their candidates to get on the ballot,” Moffat County Clerk and Recorder Lila Herod said.

Voters will get to choose who they want to be on the ballot from the pool of candidates running for local office.

This will look a bit different for the Democratic caucuses, since the local candidates all are Republican. But Democrats still will get to play a role in delegate selection.

The delegates Moffat County chooses will go to the state assembly in Denver and choose candidates running for state offices.

“This is where it starts at the grassroots level. The delegates come out of the caucuses,” said Moffat County chairwoman for the Republican Party Brandi Meek. “All state delegates are elected from a pool of county delegates.”

While Moffat County Democrats’ caucuses will not feature local candidates, Moffat County Chair for the Democratic Party Jo Ann Baxter said it is still important for left-leaning voters to participate.

“It’s the first step in candidate selection, and although we don’t have any local candidates, we do have statewide candidates that we need to be supportive of,” she said. “It’s important to come and support those individuals that you need to see selected.”

Residents need to be registered voters to participate and vote in a caucus. They needed to be registered with their respective party by Jan. 6, Herod said.

“If they’re not sure what party they were last registered with, they can check with the election office at 970-824-9118 or they can check on the site, Herod said.

“That’s really a great tool; a great resource for each individual to go look at,” she said. “Whatever the issue is they can see (real-time) what our records (say).”

Check-in for the Tuesday precinct caucuses will start at 6:30 p.m. at multiple locations.

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