Moffat County opts not to seek tax increase |

Moffat County opts not to seek tax increase

Moffat County will not to pursue any kind of tax increase on the November ballot this year, Commissioner Don Cook said Tuesday.

“We’ve decided we’re better off not to go for it this year,” Cook said. “We’re going to attempt to correct as much of our budget deficiency as we can through priority-based budgeting and through finding the best use of our money.”

The county is exploring ways to make up a projected $2.5 million deficit in the next two years, either through cuts or raising additional revenues. That number is significantly higher than what the county projected in late 2016, when it estimated $500,000 in cuts for 2018 and $1.1 million in 2019 as part of a five-year plan.

Commissioners came to the decision not to put anything on the ballot in part because the City of Craig and Colorado Northwestern Community College already plan to seek tax increases on this year’s ballot.

“We are being respectful of what’s best for the community at this time,” said Commissioner Frank Moe.

The county will still consider whether to ask for some form of tax increase in 2018.