Moffat County Locals: Kum & Go’s Brenda Lyons and Tarryn Jayne go all out for customers |

Moffat County Locals: Kum & Go’s Brenda Lyons and Tarryn Jayne go all out for customers

The eastern part of Craig is an area that serves as the final sight of home for residents departing on U.S. Highway 40, as well as the first impression of the town for those entering from the east.

Among those greeting weary travelers are Tarryn Jayne and Brenda Lyons, staff members at east Kum & Go.

The convenience store recently celebrated the first anniversary of its grand opening as an updated marketplace store in the chain, and both Jayne and Lyons see its increased offerings as one of the store’s two main selling points.

The other? The service they and their co-workers provide.

"The most important part of our job is how we take care of our customers," Lyons said. "We're the first person they talk to in the mornings, so we greet them, make sure they're happy and take care of them. We get hunters, miners and locals who are dedicated, but no matter what, at Kum & Go, they're going to get taken care of."

Lyons is a manager for the location, while Jayne specializes in the kitchen, complete with made-to-order sandwiches, pizza and other items.

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"It's all fresh; that's a big deal for us," she said.

Her favorite foods to bake are of the sugary variety, and she takes pride in the donuts, turnovers, fritters, cookies, cinnamon rolls and other sweets that come from their oven.

It helps that she's a morning person, since the first wave of baked goods hits the floor very early in the day.

"Not all people are morning people," Jayne said with a chuckle.

A display case in the middle of the store is dubbed "the aquarium" and is used for some of the fancier pastries, and Lyons referred to Jayne’s ability to give them extra visual appeal as an art form.

"It's her forte, and she's awesome at it," she said.

The staff also emphasizes creating an atmosphere in which motorists will want to take a seat and enjoy their food and drinks at the store café or patio.

Though the new store has been a part of Craig for some time now, the layout and design — as well as the unique ampersand statue highlighting Craig's economic drivers — still feel novel to the women, and they agree that helps drive business for both regulars travelers from out of town.

The location right next to the bus depot also helps, Lyons said.

"We get them when they come into town, and we get them when they leave," she said.

The two women also strive to create a good environment for everyone who works alongside them.

"We've got great employees here,” Jayne said. “It's a good family going on, just a nice place to work.”