Moffat County Locals: Alan Grieser shares a helping hand and faith with neighbors and family |

Moffat County Locals: Alan Grieser shares a helping hand and faith with neighbors and family

Javan Reece, left, and his grandfather Alan Grieser on July 21, 2022, in Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri at the Reece’s Advanced Individual Training to become a Military Police Officer.
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Alan Grieser, a long time resident of Craig, spends his days being a friendly face and a helping hand throughout the community and for his family. 

As a courier for Memorial Regional Health, Grieser starts his days at 11:15 a.m. and some of the first stops on his courier route are Yampa Valley Bank and Bank of the San Juans. From there he travels to the medical clinics to pick up labs, deliver interoffice mail, and get information for the billing department. 

Then Grieser returns to the MRH warehouse to check in all of the supplies and get them delivered to the offices and supply rooms at the medical office building. Everything that comes into the hospital goes through the warehouse and is handled by just a handful of people in Grieser’s department. 

“I get to see a lot of people, I know a lot of doctors, nurses, and people in different departments,” Grieser said. “It’s really cool.” 

March 2023 will mark the seven year anniversary of Grieser’s role with MRH and what he enjoys most about his job are the people he sees along his routes. In the afternoons Greiser makes pickups and deliveries at the MRH speciality clinics, Craig Rapid Care, and Sandrock Ridge long term care. 

Grieser said he should be retired, but he continues to work because he enjoys his job and it gives him a sense of meaning and purpose. 

While Grieser said he doesn’t think he’s doing anything in the community that needs special recognition, outside of his work he is always ready to lend a hand to others who need it. 

“Wherever I can give a hand, I try to help,” said Grieser, who has also been a member of Craig Chrisitan Church for nearly ten years. 

As a member of Craig Christian, Grieser pitches in when people need help by helping with church events, mowing neighbor’s lawns, plowing snow free of charge, or helping people move. He also recently started helping to deliver the community communion message by sharing scripture during services. 

When people are in the hospital Grieser will often stop by their rooms just to visit or pray with them, and he sometimes just prays for people throughout the day as he’s walking through the hospital halls. 

Grieser was nominated for Moffat County Locals by his grandson, Javan Reece, another Craig local who is now serving as a military police officer in Korea. From his overseas posting, Reece wrote that he thinks his grandpa deserved to be recognized. 

“He’s always been there for me,” Reece said. “He’s my legal guardian, so he raised me to be the man I am today. He’s always a people first kind of guy and isn’t afraid to admit when he’s made a mistake. He supports me 100%.” 

What originally prompted Grieser to join Craig Christian Church was that he wanted his grandson Reece to have a youth group to be involved in at their congregation. Grieser was saved by God and found his faith in the 70s. So, he wanted his grandson to have faith to lean on during adolescence, which can be a challenging time for any young person. 

From his grandfather’s early influence, Reece still attends chapel on the weekend. And Grieser said he couldn’t be more proud of his grandson for all of the work he put into getting in shape for enlisting.

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