Moffat County High School seniors to serve the United States |

Moffat County High School seniors to serve the United States

Patrick Kelly
Trenci Towner, right, and Jodi Hough receive funds for continuing their education as a part of their enlistment.
Lauren Blair

After graduation, four Moffat County High School seniors will be shipping off to begin their training and service as members of the United States Armed Forces.

Trenci Towner and Jodi Hough have officially committed to the U.S. Army; Daniel Brzezinski-Rockwell has committed to the U.S. Navy; and Logan Roberts is in the process of joining the Marine Corps.

All four said they are excited for the opportunity to serve their country.

Towner will be starting boot camp on her 18th birthday at Fort Jackson, South Carolina. Her Military Occupational Specialty is Stryker System Maintainer, which means she will work on the Stryker family of vehicles and their operating systems to ensure they run smoothly.

“I’ve been wanting to do this since I was a little girl,” Towner said.

For Towner, who started speaking with recruiters when she was 16, the Army is not just a way to receive an education. She said she plans on serving the full 20 years.

“There’s stuff that I would never get to do in civilian life, and when I get out I’ll only be 37,” she said.

Hough will also be going to boot at Fort Jackon, her MOS is Parachute Rigger.

“I’m getting more nervous but mostly excited because I’m just all about adventure,” she said.

Brzezinski-Rockwell ships to Great Lakes, Illinois, on Aug. 4 to begin Navy boot camp where he will train to become a nuclear engineer.

The challenge and the academics are what drew him to the navy, Brzezinski-Rockwell said, adding that he isn’t sure if he will make a career out of military service.

“I’ll see after I do it if I want to go career,” he explained.

Roberts has spoken with recruiters and will be reporting to a Military Entrance Processing Station to be approved by a doctor before he signs his forms. He said he is positive about his decision and anxious to be approved, preferably for aviation mechanic.

“As long as everything goes… that’s what I’m doing,” he said.


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