Moffat County Farm Bureau Board: Luttrell Barn needs help |

Moffat County Farm Bureau Board: Luttrell Barn needs help

To the editor:

Having read articles and letters in the past concerning the Luttrell Barn and what to do with it and talking with community members, among them Dana Duran, Pam Foster, Melody Villard and Pat McCaffrey, who have been spearheading Saving the Barn, the Moffat County Farm Bureau Board would like to throw their support into this vital and worthwhile project. Talking with some of the commissioners, it seems the fate of the barn is in a state of limbo and while nothing is being decided or repairs done to the building it continues its downward spiral into ruin. This barn has been a part of Craig’s history for more than 100 years and it would be a shame to lose it. Knowing the barn’s past includes many local events, MCFBB would like to hear from people and have them share memories and pictures of events that took place at the barn. It also has been brought to our attention that the Boys & Girls Club has expressed interest in using the barn for part of their program as well as handling scheduling and renting out the barn to other users. To help out with making the barn self-supporting at some point, MCFBB voted at a recent meeting to support the barn by renting it for events and some monthly meetings. We are confident that once the word is out that the barn is again available for rental, the demand would be substantial. As for the necessary repairs needed to make it usable, there seems be some difference of opinion as to what all is involved and at what cost. The word is that the county has some funds budgeted and available and several community members have offered sweat equity and money towards repairing the building. MCFBB plans to do some fundraising for this project and we hope those interested in helping save the barn or have stories and pictures they are willing to share, will call us at either 970-629-5761, 970-824-0105 or 970-824-3338.

Moffat County Farm Bureau Board