Moffat County Fair royalty |

Moffat County Fair royalty

Fair queens, attendents show enthusiasum, excitment for this year's fair

Josie Timmer

Hi, my name is Josie Timmer, and I am your 2015 Fair Queen. I am a freshman in high school, and I am 14 years old and have been in 4-H for seven years now.

The projects that I am involved in this year are steers, but in the past I have taken lambs, horses and baking.

Furthermore, I have multiple hobbies. I love to play basketball, volleyball and run track. I also like to hunt, draw wildlife along and read.

I think that being a Fair Queen is going to be a great experience and will be extremely fun and interesting.

I will be able to participate in almost all of the projects that people do in 4-H. Also, being a Fair Queen will teach me leadership and people skills, and I am very proud to be selected to represent the Moffat County Fair.

I am very excited for 2015 and can’t wait to see everyone at the 2015 Moffat County Fair!

Payton Voloshin

Hi! My name is Payton Voloshin, and I am the 2015 Fair Queen Attendant. I am 13 years old and in the seventh grade.

I love to play basketball and ride my horse. I also like working with all of my 4-H animals and being on our ranch.

I have been in the 4-H program for eight years, including Cloverbuds. In the 4-H program I have done many projects, such as market beef, breeding beef, horses and market lambs.

I appreciate my mom and grandpa for helping me with my market beef and my market lambs.

My dad has taught me a lot about my horse and helped me improve my riding skills. I hope to continue 4-H for many more years!

Thank you, Alisa and JoAnne for your help and encouragement.

Ashley Baysinger

Hi, my name is Ashley Baysinger, and I am very happy to be your 2015 Fair Queen Attendant.

I am involved in two different sports, I do cheer and gymnastics.

I know I wouldn’t be able to do the things I have done without my parents.

I have several hobbies aside from any sports I do.

A few things I like to do are sewing, 4-H market lamb and being outdoors.

Tara Brumblow

Hi, my name is Tara Brumblow. I am your 2015 Fair Queen. I am 11 years old.

My hobbies are riding horses, reading and writing for fun. This is my seventh year in 4-H, including Cloverbuds.

The projects I have participated in during my 4-H years are scrapbooking, horseless horse and dogs.

This year I will be showing my first livestock project, a goat.

My family has chosen Moffat County as a place to settle.

I love the community here and look forward to promoting Moffat County and its people.

I would love to see you at the Moffat County Fair!


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