Moffat County employees score extra day off Monday |

Moffat County employees score extra day off Monday

Commissioners approved bonus day to boost morale

Lauren Blair
Craig Daily Press

County employees get an extra day off this month after Moffat County Commissioners approved a resolution to extend the Fourth of July holiday to include Monday, giving staff a four-day weekend.

The resolution, which commissioners approved in a special meeting Thursday, notes the additional day is “good for the morale of Moffat County employees.”

“It’s one thing to tell an employee they’re doing a good job and I think a lot of times actions speaks louder than words,” said Commissioner Ray Beck. “It’s our way to say thanks to all our county employees for the great job that they’re doing.”

The courthouse will be closed for most regular county functions Monday. County employees who can’t skip work Monday will be allowed to take the extra holiday later in the month.

The move comes in the midst of an ongoing budget crunch, and commissioners are already beginning work on where to make cuts in next year’s budget.

“Going forward, we have a lot of budget challenges and it’s probably going to be a situation… that we’re going to have less people doing more work, so we wanted to recognize people and appreciate them,” Commissioner Frank Moe said.

The extra day gives county employees a total of 11 observed holidays for 2017.