Moffat County Democrats put Alec Brown on the ballot |

Moffat County Democrats put Alec Brown on the ballot

Alec Brown
Courtesy photo

CRAIG — Alec Brown, candidate for county coroner and Moffat County’s only Democrat running for local office, made the ballot during the Democratic County Assembly, which was held Tuesday, March 27, at the Veterans’ Hall.

Moffat County Democrats also selected four delegates to attend the legislative and state convention in Broomfield on April 13 and 14.

In a gubernatorial preference poll, 75 percent of Moffat County’s delegates supported Cary Kennedy, and 25 percent supported Jared Polis, according to Moffat County Democratic Party Chair Jo Ann Baxter. All four of Moffat County’s delegates support Kennedy.

Representatives from the campaigns of two 3rd Congressional District candidates, Diane Mitsch Bush and Karl Hanlon, spoke on behalf of the candidates. Local surrogates voiced support for state treasurer candidate Dave Young, attorney general candidate Phil Weiser and gubernatorial candidate Cary Kennedy.


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