Moffat County delegates head to Denver for the Republican State Assembly |

Moffat County delegates head to Denver for the Republican State Assembly

Erin Fenner

About 20 Moffat County voters are spending their weekend in Denver to take part in the democratic process.

Delegates for the assembly were selected early in the election process at the Moffat County Republican caucuses in early March. Then, at the county assembly in March, those numbers were narrowed to 19 delegates and two alternatives who would head to the mid-April district and state assemblies.

The Republican district and state assemblies determine by delegate vote which party candidates make it on the primary ballot.

Brandi Meek, Moffat County chairwoman of the Republican committee and delegate, said she eagerly was anticipating the conversations she could have about the issues facing Moffat County.

“Whenever I go to these events, I get to talk to people about what’s going on in Moffat County,” she said. “Make (leaders from other counties) aware of what we’re battling.”

Craig City Council member Ray Beck, also a delegate, said he is excited to be a part of the process.

“It’s an honor to be selected by your peers to represent your county,” he said.

While he wasn’t sure of all the candidates he would vote in favor of, he did know three people he would support.

For the 57th District, Beck said he would vote for the current representative, State Rep. Bob Rankin, R-Carbondale.

He also said he would continue to support Rep. Scott Tipton in the state assembly.

“He definitely is fighting for the Western Slope,” he said.

For treasurer, he would vote in favor of the current officeholder Walker Stapleton.

Meek said she knew whom she would back, but because of her position with the GOP, she couldn’t share publicly.

Delegates also will get to vote on what goes on the state GOP platform.

“It’s just a grand opportunity for anyone who wants to see how the process works,” Beck said.

The state candidates who get adequate delegate support will see their names on the June primary ballot.

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