Moffat County cross country lowers times across the board in Delta |

Moffat County cross country lowers times across the board in Delta

Moffat County High School cross country runner Wyatt Mortenson holds the lead during the MCHS Invite. Mortenson and nearly every member of the Bulldogs took personal bests during Delta Pantherfest.
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Moffat County High School cross country results from Delta Pantherfest

Varsity Boys

Wyatt Mortenson — 16:13.04; 8Chris Carrouth — 17:22.04; 26Keaton Knez — 17:26.88; 28Coltyn Terry — 17:50.68; 39Logan Hafey — 18:24.22; 53Theo Corrello — 18:35.22; 61AJ Barber — 19:19.92; 77JV BoysKale Johnson — 18:26.79; 9Wilson Eike — 19:58.6; 40Carter Behrman — 20:59.89; 59Alex Nichols — 21:05.06; 62Kadin Hume — 22:12.33; 83Chase Serio — 24:52.2; 97Varsity GirlsMakenna Knez — 19:57.73; 18Halle Hamilton — 20:03.58; 20Kelsey McDiffett — 20:05.02; 21Liberty Hippely — 20:09.31; 24Emma Jones — 21:05.59; 41Lydia Berkoff — 21:06.49; 42Allison Villard — 21:17.66; 45JV GirlsAlayna Behrman — 21:39.65; 10Bree Meats — 22:27.11; 22Mackenzi Telford — 24:22.24; 47Fiona Connor — 25:11.28; 57Raine Harrell — 25:34.42; 63— Varsity boys placed sixth, girls fourth. JV teams were both fifth.

Craig Middle School cross country results from Delta Pantherfest


Owen Gifford — 11:13.9; 2Santiago Quezada — 11:22.8; 5Ian Trevenen — 11:37.4; 12Noah Mortenson — 11:47.2; 16Grady Wooden — 12:29.5; 22Carson Laehr — 12:39.2; 25Noah Beason — 12:39.5; 26Forrest Siminoe — 13:04.1; 36Logan Silva — 13:16.4; 40Boden Reidhead — 13:21.6; 41Hudson Jones — 13:22.8; 42Ethan Silva — 13:33.8; 48Xavriel Robles — 13:36.1; 49Wyatt Tucker — 14:32.8; 59Travis LeFevre — 14:38.3; 62Roark Browning — 14:51.5; 65Garrett Mercer — 15:15.6; 67Zach Craig — 15:18.9; 68Mason Lorio — 17:35.1; 77GirlsMegan Neton — 13:04.87; 13Ariana Buchanan — 13:42.15; 21Brook Wheeler — 14:09.24; 28Mena Tucker — 14:20.59; 32Kayden Grinolds — 14:59.78; 43Joslyn Bacon — 15:02.17; 44Sarah Johnson — 15:14.76; 47Alyssa LeWarne — 15:24.94; 48Hannah Kilpatrick — 15:25.43; 49Alexis Noland — 17:06.88; 63Lilliana Williams — 17:07.5; 58Jazlin Quezada — 18:35.83; 66Nashaly Medina — 18:46.58; 67— CMS boys won the meet, girls placed fifth.

Race times are lower than ever for the members of the Moffat County High School cross country program, and as a result, runners’ energy couldn’t be higher.

MCHS recorded an abundance of personal records Friday during Delta Pantherfest as the flat and friendly layout of Confluence Park proved a speedy experience for Bulldogs as they shaved off as much as 90 seconds from their previous lows.

Of the 13 runners for the boys team, 11 earned a PR, with Hayden’s Wyatt Mortenson hitting his lowest time to date at 16 minutes, 13.04 seconds to place eighth. Fellow Hayden runners Chris Carrouth and Wyatt Mortenson took 26th and 28th, with Coltyn Terry and Logan Hafey 39th and 53rd to round out points for sixth place among all teams.

Every single member of the MCHS girls varsity and JV squads had their best times in Delta, with Hayden’s Makenna Knez cracking the 20-minute mark at 19:57.73 to place 18th. Halle Hamilton, Kelsey McDiffett, Liberty Hippely and Emma Jones were right behind at 20, 21, 24 and 41 to make it a fourth-place day.

A larger field with larger schools included powerhouse team Battle Mountain winning in points in both varsity races, though Moffat County was the top 3A group in each instance.

In JV races, Kale Johnson was ninth for boys and Alayna Behrman 10th for girls, with both MCHS bunches fifth in the rankings.

Coach Todd Trapp said it was an “awesome day” with another race for girls finishing with narrow splits between first and fifth, this time 67 seconds.

Hamilton said the continuing strategy to pack together and stay close has been wildly successful in helping runners play to their strengths and also improve their weaknesses.

“It’s so amazing and really helps pull me along because I’m not a good leader, but I have a good finish, so as long as I stay with my teammates I’ll have a good time,” she said.

Craig Middle School runners finished their season at Pantherfest with some of their best results, as well, namely a team win for CMS boys, who were led by Owen Gifford in second place overall in the 3K race, with Santiago Quezada jumping up the usual rankings into fifth, followed by Ian Trevenen, Noah Mortenson and Grady Wooden at 12, 16 and 22.

For the fifth-place girls, Megan Neton placed 13th, Ariana Buchanan 21, Brook Wheeler 28, Mena Tucker 32 and Kayden Grinolds 43.

MCHS will have one more race in the regular season with the Rifle Invitational Oct. 11 leading up to the regional event the following week in Aspen.

“I’m so excited for regionals,” Hamilton said. “I know we’re going to do really well.”