Moffat County Commissioners award more than $800k in equipment bids to Road & Bridge Department |

Moffat County Commissioners award more than $800k in equipment bids to Road & Bridge Department

Moffat County commissioners discuss an agenda item during a Board of County Commissioners meeting at the Moffat County Courthouse in 2019.
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The Moffat County Road & Bridge Department had a lucrative day Tuesday at the Moffat County Commissioners’ meeting.

County Commissioners Ray Beck, Don Cook, and Donald Broom awarded $866, 655.02 in equipment bids to the Road & Bridge Department, which included new radios, new company trucks, and two new motor graders.

Road & Bridge Director Dan Miller started the busy bid process with County Commissioners by asking the trio to approve a bid of $29,500 for a new Landfill Mulch Sprayer.

According to Miller, Bowie Industries in Texas came through with the lowest bid on the equipment, which will help the department save money and time when it comes to hauling dirt in to cover up the landfill.

“We can just spread the mulch over it, rather than hauling in dirt,” Miller said.

The mulcher is a Lancer 600 Hydro-Mulcher, along with a Clearwater Flush Tank. According to Miller, the overall price will come down slightly as the department works with Bowie Industries to knock off some of the features that the county won’t need.

In total, the new mulch sprayer will be well under the allotted budget of $55,000 for the county.

Following the approval of the bid for the mulch sprayer, Miller than asked Commissioners to approve a bid of $102,174 to Victory Motors for the purchase of one new 1-ton Crew Cab Truck and three new 3/4-ton regular cab trucks for the department.

The 1-ton Crew Cab is priced at $30,397, while the three new 3/4-ton regular cab trucks came to a total of $84,177. Victory Motors offers $12,400 in trade-in value for the county’s old trucks.

After receiving approval for the purchasing of four new trucks, Miller then asked Commissioners to approve a $187,241 bid for 80 new Mobile Kenwood Viking VM-5930 radios, four desktop units, and six handheld radios from CNC Technical Services in Steamboat Springs.

“The radios we have now, they’re horrible,” Miller said. “They’re old VH units, so this purchase will bring us onto the state system, which won’t require any maintenance. Plus, this will be a huge safety thing for our guys who are out in the county plowing in the winter.

“We could have them out there with a 100-mile road blade and might not be able to get in touch with them and have no idea where to start looking for them, so these will help,” Miller added.

The current radios in use by the Road & Bridge Department were first purchased sometime in the early 1980s, according to Miller.

Lastly, Miller asked Commissioners to approve a bid of $547,740.02 to Wagner Equipment in Hayden for two Caterpillar 150 Joy-BR motor graders.

Road & Bridge did receive a cheaper bid from Honnen Equipment in Grand Junction for two John Deere 770G motor graders, but Miller said the warranty and the mileage charge for service would add up over the years.

“Just to get them to come out for service would be $920 every time, and that’s not including the cost to fix whatever’s wrong,” Miller told Commissioners. “With Caterpillar in Hayden, they don’t charge mileage for service and they’re a lot closer to us.

“Plus, Wagner has been so good to us over the years, doing 10’s of thousands of dollars worth of warranty work over the years and it’s been outstanding, so I’d like to go with them” Miller added.

The 2020 budget for the two new motor graders was $644,658, so the $547,740.02 comes nearly $97k under budget. The two new motor graders are expected to be delivered in October.

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