Moffat County Commissioner June 17 meeting recap |

Moffat County Commissioner June 17 meeting recap

Erin Fenner

At their regular Tuesday meeting, Moffat County Commissioners:

• Discussed what they would do with a recently cut down tree on county property. About 14 feet were left on the stump because Moffat County Commissioner Chuck Grobe said he was trying to get a wood carver to turn the stump into art.

• Approved, 3-0, the lowest bid — at $46,800 from Bubbles and Brooms — for the Moffat County Courthouse annex cleaning for the year.

• Discussed a concessions issue at Loudy-Simpson Park. Lorrie Butler had been selling ice cream from her ice cream cart at her grandson’s little league games. She was asked to stop selling by Gino’s, which runs concessions at the park. Butler contested that Gino’s wasn’t open regularly as was mandated in their contract and she had been selling when they weren’t there. The BOCC decided that they would re-evaluate the contract, that Gino’s needs to staff the concessions as directed by the contract and that Butler could not sell ice cream on the baseball fields. “We’re going to have to stop for now until we evaluate” the contract, Grobe said. “Until we come up with a new agreement, unfortunately (Butler) can’t sell anything out there.”

• Reviewed a letter that would oppose a potential executive order regarding the Vermillion Basin. The Land Use Board put together the letter because the basin was listed as an area that could possibly receive monument status by President Barack Obama under the Antiquities Act. Grobe agreed that monument status decisions shouldn’t be left to the executive office. “I think it’s important we go through the public process,” he said. Jeff Comstock, executive director of the Natural Resources Department, said while no decision had been made yet, it’s still important to challenge the listing. “We know this trend’s happening and we want to make sure Vermillion isn’t on that list.”

• Reviewed the Department of Social Services May 20 minutes. Discussed monthly updates with Kerri Klein, director of the department. Food stamps are down and foster care is down, she said. But food stamps still are above the state average.

• Met the new Garfield County Housing Authority executive Kate Gazunis. She runs the voucher program for Moffat County.

• Hosted an abatement hearing regarding Safeway’s personal property. Safeway representatives did not appear. They had argued that their personal property was actually 48 percent of the state’s assessed value. They sued on this issue, but lost at a state level, so Moffat County Assessor Robert Razzano recommended the BOCC turned down Safeway’s request. The BOCC voted, 3-0, against Safeway.