Moffat County commissioner Dec. 22 meeting recap |

Moffat County commissioner Dec. 22 meeting recap

Janelle O'Dea

Chairman Tom Mathers, far right, talks to fellow Commissioners John Kinkaid, center, and Chuck Grobe about the path between Loudy-Simpson Park and Pebble Beach at the Dec. 22 commissioners' meeting.

— At their weekly meeting, Moffat County commissioners discussed the following topics:

During general discussion:

Commissioner Chuck Grobe talked about a meeting he attended last week about connecting Loudy-Simpson Park with Pebble Beach. Grobe said it’s in the initial planning stages, and the biggest hurdle is pleasing the property owner in between the two spots.

The property owner's main concern, Grobe said, is his cattle and their access to the river.

Commissioner Tom Mathers said the main goal originally was to tie Loudy-Simpson Park and Yampa Valley Golf Course together with the path. Grobe said that now, the plan includes Pebble Beach.

Mathers said he and the other commissioners received a letter informing them of a $1,671,327 grant from the Department of Local Affairs for the second phase of the Shadow Mountain project.

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Grobe said there was a pre-bid meeting last week with bids for the second phase of the project due in mid-January. He also said Rundle Construction, the firm used in the first phase of the project, came up in Phase 2 bid discussions.

Mathers said any community members without a place to have Christmas dinner are welcome to attend a meal at Mathers Bar at 2 p.m. Christmas Day.

"People can bring a covered dish if they want, but they certainly don't have to," Mathers said.

Linda DeRose and Bill Mack, of the Road and Bridge Department, presented a farm lease bid to the commissioners for hay production. DeRose said the department received three bids, including one from Floyd Gutierrez.

Mathers said the bid should be awarded to Gutierrez because he's dealt with waste drifting onto his property from the landfill next door. Gutierrez placed a lower bid than Pat Weber, but Mathers said, "There's more to it than just dollars and cents."

Grobe agreed.

"Floyd's got to put up with the landfill right next to his property," Grobe said. "And he's been doing it for all of these years. I'd like to just give it to him just on that basis. He's had to put up with all of the trash blowing."

"I think it's the right thing to do," Mathers said.

Gutierrez said the trash-blowing problem has been occurring for years, and it wasn't until Grobe came into office that anyone made an effort to address it.

"He's kept it the best it's been kept since '96," Gutierrez said. "But to this day, they don't keep it totally clean."

Following discussion, the commissioners voted, 3-0, to award the contract to Gutierrez to pay $35 per pound of hay.

Gutierrez thanked the commissioners and left.

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Action items

Commissioners approved the following:

Dec. 15 meeting minutes, 3-0

Road and Bridge Department salvage metal contract, 3-0

Community Services Block Grant request for reimbursement, 3-0

Community Services Block Grant quarterly financial status and performance reports, 3-0

Resolution for transfer of funds from Road and Bridge Department to Shadow Mountain Village Local Improvement District fund: 2014-157, 3-0

Resolution corrections for the month of December: 2014-159, 3-0

2015 Craig Daily Press advertising contract, 3-0

Delta Dental benefits contract amendment , 3-0

Approved snow removal for a senior citizen’s residence, 3-0

Approved certification of budget year 2015 mill levies, 3-0