Moffat County Commissioner candidates Tony Bohrer answer questions from the Craig Press ahead of June 30 primary |

Moffat County Commissioner candidates Tony Bohrer answer questions from the Craig Press ahead of June 30 primary

Tony Bohrer smiles behind his name placard in Craig City Council chambers.
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With the June 30 primary just around the corner, County Commissioner candidates Tony Bohrer (running unopposed in District 1), Melody Villard (running for District 2) and Chuck Grobe (former County Commissioner running for District 2) checked in with the Craig Press to answer a few questions.

Today, the Craig Press reveals candidate Tony Bohrer’s Q&A.

Bohrer is running to unseat incumbent County Commissioner Don Cook, who did not receive enough votes from delegates to earn a spot on the primary ballot.

District 1 County Commissioner Candidate Tony Bohrer

  • Age: 37
  • Occupation: Pastor and Business Owner
  • Years in Craig: 37
  • Past Political Experience: Served on City Council the last 7 years
  • Civic organizations involved in: Current – Chaplain to Fire Department, City Police and Sheriff Office. Founder of If You Really Knew Me (Anti Bullying Program for the High School) Past: Chaired the MCTA, Served on Child Protection Team

Q: Commissioners must approve budgets, and to do this, they must have a thorough understanding of revenue and expenditures and various budget categories. What specific experience do you have managing a large, complex budget?

A: For the past 7 years I have been a part of approving the City Budget. The County’s budget is bigger than the city, but as a business owner I understand budgets. You can’t spend more than what is coming in. No matter how small or big your budget is.

Q: How will you make sure the government operates transparently?

A: First we have to be open and honest. We have to create venues for open discussion. I have tried in the past to have coffee and council. It’s been hard to get off the ground, but I plan on doing that as a commissioner. Coffee and commissioner. Mostly just to listen

Q: With the impending changes coming economically (closure of the mines and the power plant), how do you see the Just Transition committee helping from the state level, and what will you do locally to see the community move forward with a plan?

A: To be honest right now I don’t see the Just Transition doing anything for us. As far as I know, they have no funding and without funding I don’t know what they can do. I am hopeful but… I know one thing for sure we can’t wait for the State to help us; we have to put our minds together and be proactive and not reactive.

Q: Thanks to the coronavirus, the county – along with the entire country – is staring down an economic recession. If elected, what will you do to see economic development continue to happen here?

A: The best place to start is by supporting local businesses and I feel like Craig and Moffat County did a great job supporting local businesses the past few months. One thing that has come out of this coronavirus is creative thinking by the people of Moffat County. I have heard some great ideas on how to move forward; now it’s our job to take the ideas and create a plan of action to fulfill them. An idea without a plan of action is nothing more than a thought. Thoughts are only the start to something great.

Q: Do you support the creation of a special recreation district with the intent to build a recreation center in Craig and if so, how, specifically would you bring this about?

A: We know that the people of Moffat County have voted down the idea of a rec center in the past. We also know that the Recreation committee is working hard to answer all question and do their due diligence to cross their T’s and dot their I’s. I have kids so I think it would be a great asset to our community but I have questions like everyone else does. How are we going to maintain this great facility? If the Power Plant and Coal mines shut down and property taxes drop what does it look like now? I know these are questions that the committee is answering and working hard on. I don’t believe the slogan “if we build it they will come”.

Q: What is your position on supporting a bond issue for the school district?

A: I feel like all of our entities play a big role in our community. Hospital, College, County, City and the School District. If you have kids in the school district you want the best education for them no matter the cost. I believe we have some of the best teachers in the state here in Moffat County and I also know how hard it is on an entity to have leadership change multiple times in a short period of time. We have gone through this at the city its difficult because one leader has their own way of leading. I commend our teachers and staff for pressing forward and giving our kids the best education they can possibly give.

Interviews with District 2 candidates Melody Villard and Chuck Grobe will appear in the Wednesday, June 24 print edition.

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