Moffat County commissioner attends leadership training in Denver |

Moffat County commissioner attends leadership training in Denver

Erin Fenner
a former City of Craig mayor

County Commissioner John Kinkaid went to Denver for a long weekend of leadership training.

He started out by attending the Leadership Program of the Rockies recruitment party Thursday night.

Kinkaid said he wants to get involved with LPR so he can develop some skills and represent the Western Slope in an organization he said tends to have a higher proportion of Front Range leaders.

“I would like to see more representatives from rural counties because we have something to bring to the table,” he said.

Kinkaid also wants to work with other LPR thinkers to come up with a long-term plan for the U.S.

“I would like to be able to come together with like-minded people and come up with a 100-year-plan for our nation,” he said.

Kinkaid admitted it was ambitious but wanted to be a part of that sort of large discussion and help facilitate it.

Kinkaid spent the rest of the weekend at the Western Conservative Summit.

The summit, in its fourth year, should connect rural leaders to urban ones over a unified cause, said John Andrews, president of the Centennial Institute, which hosts the summit.

“We network with local groups in every part of the state that share a local limited government point of view,” he said.

People from all across Colorado and even from 35 states will be at the event.

Kinkaid said he was excited to talk about energy and education issues at the summit.

“We need a system with the powers at the local level and not the national,” he said. “Local school boards should get to decide what kind of education they want their kids to have.”

It also functioned as an opportunity to meet people from across the state.

”It gives me the opportunity to rub elbow with people here on the” Front Range, Kinkaid said.

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